Essay Sample: Customer Service

Published: 2022-12-14
Essay Sample: Customer Service
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Customer service is one of the most distinguished and valuable assets of organizations in today's dynamic and uncertain business environment. Personalized customer service is rendering of services according to the needs of the customers by articulating the feel of customization centered upon the customer requirements. Personalized customers services embark on the provision of tailor-made services as desired by the customers to create loyalty and develop a relationship with the customers. Personalized customer services have revolutionized the e-commerce industry as it has become very important to address every individual need for maintaining a distinct position in the market.

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Most of the similar businesses provide customized or personalized service through social media. Through social media, the organizations develop their Facebook page and cater to the needs of the individual customers and respond to the needs accordingly. They capitalize on the individual requirements and deal in person as well. The organizations are also making use of a feedback system for providing customized or personalized services. They actually ask customers to give feedback and then react accordingly (Ball, 2006). The organizations develop a system of feedback in most of the situations to obtain the suggestions from the customers. The business processes are modified, and the services are personalized according to the feedback. This is common practice among most of the organizations. Another important trend is to provide the feature of designing products over an e-commerce website and make it according to one's choice. This is also one of the ways of catering individual needs.

Benefits of Personalized Customer Service

There is a number of personalized customers' services, and the organization obtains many benefits. Organizations are benefited in a variety of different ways through personalized services. Some of the benefits obtained are mentioned below

Competitive Advantage: Personalized customers' service shaped organization to achieve competitive advantage. It helped organizations to differentiate their services from the rest of the competitors and attain high revenues. Such services benefited organizations in distinguishing their services and making them adaptable according to cultural dynamics.

Customer Loyalty: Personalized customers' services also helped companies to achieve customer loyalty. Customers prefer those businesses that cater to their individual needs and provide services by maintaining a close association with clients (Bonett, 2001). Customer retention and loyalty have far-reaching implications for businesses.

Positive word of mouth: According to Ball, (2006), the personalized customers' service has resulted in the positive publicity of the organization. Personalized customers' services benefit most of the organizations through a positive spread of mouth by the customers. It also raised the authenticity and credibility of the organizations. This positive word of mouth also resulted in increased revenue and better performance.

Hidden cost in personalized customer services

On the basis of research and analysis, it can be claimed that there is an implication of hidden cost in rendering personalized customer services. Most of the organizations that provide personalized or tailor-made services are inclined towards charging very high for the products for which they render services. They consider value for money while providing the personal feel and close association. In most of the situations, the personalization comes with the extra cost because extra expenditures are to be incurred by the businesses for addressing the individual needs of diverse customers. As it is evident that selling through online and storefront different ways of catering the individual needs. Selling fishing gear requires identification of the specific needs and preferences of the customers. Personalized services involve hidden cost because it is part of micromarketing that is very difficult to execute (Kumar, 2007). It requires involving professions and experts in identifying customer needs and then serving them accordingly. The cost implications are inevitable that cannot be avoided.

Importance of personalized services with the growth of e-commerce

The growth of e-commerce business has lead management of the businesses to tap into the micro details of the customers and underpin their latent needs through an element of customization and personalization. The growth of e-commerce has influenced companies to develop the message through techniques of customization to articulate the personal feel. It has now more convenient for the management of e-commerce to address individual customers rather than targeting through mass marketing techniques.

E-commerce has given rise the concept of personalization in a broader way. It has the feature of personalized exit intent pop-ups that enable businesses to bring back the lost revenue as a result of termination cart. Through geo-location and geotagging, the online businesses tag specific people and target ad towards them. Another important ay through which personalization offered is an element of product recommendations that is obtained from the specific people that know the products (Shen, 2009). Many organizations track the visits and preferences of the visitors who visit the website. After reviewing their choices, the products of their preferences are directed towards them through targeted techniques. It helps them to attract their attention. Through artificial intelligence software, the management of many businesses has made it possible to target and provide customized services individually. Ideally, personalized customer services are of great importance to any organization or business.


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