Communication Conflict - Essay Example

Published: 2018-04-27
Communication Conflict - Essay Example
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Essay About Conflict In Communication

Conflict is the heart of storytelling, and without conflict, it would be very hard for someone to tell a story that might lure a reader into learning how to solve some issues in the future. Sibling rivalry is considered to be healthy and natural, but when that rivalry exceeds reason and envy, it can be very dangerous. When envy indulges in the lives of the siblings, it brings out the absolute worst in the sibling, and they can be unpredictable. The envy becomes like a festering wound, and it sours the relationship to the point that they can take pleasure in one another failure. The concept is very true since I was involved in a sibling conflict that almost ruined my relationship with my brother. Every time I remember the dreadful event, I can’t even fathom how it began in the first place.

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It is considerably painful for me to visualize the current dynamics when I remember how our lives used to be before the conflict started. Our lives were full of sibling rivalry, but I considered it to be normal. I have always been the sensitive one and the only person who tolerated my brother’s sarcastic attitude in the family. He used to make fun of me but I would but it into consideration that he was just teasing. I have always focused on the academics while my brother has been an Olympic person. The difference in preference was the start of that rivalry but being the considerate one, I gave it a pass.

Things got out of hand, at the beginning of the year but still, I was polite, the understanding sibling and the supportive member of the family. I chose the right words to say when talking to everyone and I put into consideration the feelings of my sibling. It was because of that patience that I had given my brother that I wouldn’t take it when he stole all my handbooks one week to the exam. I stood in my classroom panicking on what to do next without any efforts. In my heart, I was so much focused with my anger and the embarrassment he had put me through. The fact that he knew what my studies meant and was messing with it was no excuse to let it pass this time.

Relationships Gap

That day I found him in the compound pretending like nothing had happened. We got into a terrible argument that resulted in a fight. I could not understand how he could pull something like that instead of appreciating the effort I had made to build our relationship despite his recklessness. My parents came back home that day and were amazed to find that their children had turned on each other.

My mother tried to talk us into forgiving one another and calling it a truce, but it was beyond a reconciliation talk. I was tired of always being the victim of the not so caring brother. We went for days without talking to one another, and there was a gap between our relationships. It was after days that I couldn’t stay angry and the fact that I missed my brother’s charm that I had to forgive and let the past be behind us. We went and talked down our issues after our parents made us settle our dispute. Although we became friends and made peace, the relationship was never the same. One knew better than to overstep each other’s territory.

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