Free Essay Example on Cultural Norms of the Negro

Published: 2019-11-25
Free Essay Example on Cultural Norms of the Negro
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Negro is the community that is found in America and has a unique cultural group. The way they organize themselves looks very different from the other communities in the respective region. Negroes speak the same language among themselves but also use English as their second language. They were discriminated because of their race until most them could regret, and desire to be the white (Frazier, 2008).They were discriminated in the workplaces, schools and any development issue they were sidelined job. This paper aims at examining the cultural organization of the Negro community.

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The population of the black people coexists in some of the cities in the United States; they are not found in the southern part with its class system to the point where they start from the ghettos like the Jews who did the same in the Middle East. The division of the Negro community in the American cities enhance the cultural community, and the studies of such separated community require some of the sociological significant they must find out in the community. The distribution of the community over the town is critical (Frazier, 2008). The concentration of this racial group equals the concentration of the immigrants in the area. Most of them are the servants living on the premises and are scattered over the city and most of them have families.

The widely distributed Black people is grouped to what is known as the Black Belt. The location of the Black Belt in Chicago leads to a pattern of urban zones as Dr.Burges established it. They live in suburban where they could commute to the workplace and back in the evening with little expenditure in the area. They worship God in their churches and have a significant number of churches as per their preference (Frazier, 2008). They circumcise their boys at a very tender age of eight years and below and are monogamous in nature. They like their culture and have preserved it so much.

Due to slavery Negroes came to acquire several skills on music, dancing, and other skills. The drumming was used as a mode of communication by the Negro and for the identification of the community. The results of the dynamic and creative culture have impacted a lot in the society especially in mainstreaming the American culture and also on the world culture.

They came up with the unique traditions in the music arts, religion, literature, food and other forms of leisure forms. Some of the sociologists argued that they had left their cultural ties with the African (Moynihan, 2004). Their culture developed from the American culture because of the Negro desire to put into practice their culture and the tradition as well as the racial segregation in America. Their culture has remained to be a paramount culture in America even today.

They formed a series of movement to fight a gains racial discrimination to fight for their freedom. They composed different traditional songs as a commemoration of their culture. The songs are thought in school and are valued so much. This indicates that the Negro still value their culture. But due to the technology their songs have been affected hence losing its powerful culture expression (Moynihan, 2004). The invention of radios and another music system significantly affect their way of performing their traditional music hence making them cope up with the new changes. The cultural movements were formed to restore fight for their culture.

Family dynamics

This referred to a series of the interaction between the families .Every family has a different means in which they relate to each other. The family is the basic a unit and the head of the family in all the households in the Negroes community is the father (Moynihan, 2004). They have the clans which unite them and always have the ceremony which comes together and enjoy as family members. Those of the same family lives together in a given region where they assist each other as the brothers and sisters. They embrace the equality, and they educate both their girls and boys equally.

They do not allow the marriages within the family as it is considered as the taboo. They adhered to rules and the regulations governing the contact in the society, and they punish heavily those who are going against it in the society (Frazier, 2008). They are considered as the community which has the strong family ties and thus making themselves unique in nature.

The Black person is monogamous in nature, and they do not allow marrying within the lineage or the clan. Black people are the only cultural group which preserves its culture, and they always showcase it during the different occasions. Most families have the dancers, musicians and the other influential people in the society (Moynihan, 1997). Here the family brought up the child and socialized until adulthood while providing the basic need of food, clothes and the shelter until adulthood

Their attitude towards the health cares system

The Black people experiences a lot of challenges in the services delivery. The racism also still exist in the practical terms in the United States of America. The racial segregation has been a very common factor in the American society (Wagley & Harris, 2002).The health conditions of the Negro communities has not been in good shape for a much extended period. The

Racism brought them into suffering by the discriminating policies which were put in place by the whites to ensure that they dominate in the regions since the black peoples were not considered as normal human being and they were not expected that they might need special ant medication. In America, there is an inequality in the health service delivery since the blacks have no say at all since they are the minority in the society (Wagley & Harris, 2002). The area in which the Black person are living have no real health structures, and they are always affected by the severe and other related diseases. They are put in the most vulnerable position by the government. Their opinions are not considered in the implementation of any relevant health policy.

They are discriminated and they are always complaining about being sidelined by the government of the day. They perceive that the whites dominate the health structures, and they keep on endangering their lives each and every new day.

The Negroes have a very adventurous culture in the world, and they preserve it so much. Despite the racial segregation which is inherent in the American society. The Negro community is growing in the population and in years to come it will be among the largest group in United States. They were not considered equals with the whites since the whites didnt not think the black peoples as their equals. Thus their welfare was not considered leaving the vulnerable to diseases attack.


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