Am I Dreaming - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2017-10-06
Am I Dreaming - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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My life was once full of rebellion, self-centeredness, drug addiction and alcohol binge. My destructive path led me to split with my wife and loose the opportunity to raise my only son. I was unable to further my education past high school due to my drug addiction problem. I started using any illegal drug I came across and eventually started using more powerful drugs. It reached a point when I stopped going to work because of my drug addiction problem. When I was wallowing on the destructive path, I didn’t stop to think about the repercussions of my behavior. Later, an event happened in my life that compelled me to think twice about the kind of life I was living. One day, I woke up in a hospital with no idea that I would be able to go back home. My doctor told me that that my liver had failed as a result of the alcohol and drugs I used in the past. I stayed in the hospital for five months waiting for a person with a good heart to donate their liver for me. Miraculously, a Good Samaritan came to my rescue and I was able to go home.

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My miraculous new lease of life has made me a wise, kind and responsible person. I look back at the mistakes I made in my life and I would never like to see any person go through what I went through. I will never take the path of drug addiction again! I also inspire people battling with drug addiction by sharing my story and telling them that there is hope for them. I am doing all it takes to stabilize my sobriety. I have learnt not to be consumed by my past. I have realized that regretting about my past is of no good. Being consumed about my past will do nothing other than interfere with my recovery process and my general well being. Speaking with honesty about my drug addiction past is one of the ways I confer psychologically therapy on myself. Every time I share my story with people who have drug addiction problems, they see hope. I am no longer plagued with guilt and shame of being a former drug addict. I feel free like a bird that has liberated itself from a cage that enslaved it for many years!

I have learnt the hard way that every day of our lives is a blessing and we ought to take good use of it. Most people live their lives as if every day is guaranteed yet that is not the case. I am grateful for the gift of all life and I am always urging people to count their blessings when they have the strength and ability to do so.

I have learnt that human beings should stop living a selfish life for the betterment of humanity. Had it not been for the good heart of the person who donated his liver form me, I wouldn’t have gotten out of the hospital. I have discovered that most problems in the world are caused by self- centeredness of human beings. Bing selfish brings nothing but sorrow and sadness in the long run. We ought to be considerate about other people’s needs if we want to live happy lives.

I have learnt that human beings should be of service to humanity. Service to humanity brings joy and fulfillment in our hearts. Service to humanity touches the lives of other human beings, making them more appreciative of life. I vowed from the day I got out of hospital to spend my life serving humanity!

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