Cultural Diversity Scenario in Education, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-01 12:44:43
Cultural Diversity Scenario in Education, Free Essay Sample
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With this being the first-time immigrant children, all attend American schools; there is a mixture of different feelings revolving around the experiences and people are concerned with the behavior of the immigrants with the new culture. With the students containing a significant number, it renders it difficult to ignore they even existed since the students will always want to note the differences and in one or the other the faulty might also be involved. With the students coming from the Bosnia culture, different practices are distinguishing them from the American culture.

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However, the faculty requires the significant amount of education concerning the requirements of the Bosnia culture. During the summer, the staff or the faculty need to make time and avail themselves for training and teaching the will give them the details of the Bosnia culture, how to handle the individuals and also understand the experiences of this personnel in the immigrant camps. First, the staff will be informed about the practices and how the Bosnia people handle their activities in their culture and how the react especially if under pressure or if they did not understand something of a kind. Also, the staff will be educated concerning the different experiences that the Bosnia people go through especially the immigrants in the immigrant camps. It will help manage their behavior and also function as a blueprint guiding the faculty on what to do. In various ways, the staff or the department requires the appropriate education concerning the Bosnian culture and how the culture renders a different in practice and the types of the experiences this personnel or children might have gone through in the immigrant camps (Schneeweis, 2015).

In correspondence with the activities of the faculty maintaining the education concerning the Bosnian culture, there are different issues that the students might to the staff during the upcoming year. These challenges may come up as a result of the students from the Bosnian culture lacking the workforce or the appropriate skills to handle the workload in the American culture schools. The coping with these challenges, the staff may decide to avail different assignments testing on the abilities of the individuals and also deliver a specified curricular adaptation that needs making, for instance, the creation of a new study involves the Bosnian culture.

Nonetheless, there are ways for the achievement of capitalization on the opportunity through the involvement of the faculty, students or the community. The first means involve the utilization and observation of the behaviors of other American culture individuals toward the Bosnian culture. It consists in creating a balance between the culture thus balancing on the attitude of the people. Additionally, the opportunity can be capitalized on through the involvement with the Bosnian culture. It entails the interaction and understanding of the different culture in the achievement of the different goals and the association of the students or exposure to other occurrences that incur an effect or progress. The culture requires understanding and proper interaction with the American culture (Hermansen & Birkelund, 2015).


Different benefits come with the predicament of the "not like us" focus which implies on the difference in personalities. The center creates an environment of competition especially in schools whereby, one of the students wants and needs to look brighter than the other. The issue comes up as a result of engagement between the individual in the differing cultures, and each of them wants to feel superior. Cultural competence revolves around the ability of individuals to understand and effectively communicate with each other with people across different cultures and associate well being aware of the differences in the worldview. These experiences concerning the immigrants attending American schools imply on the diversity of the different cultures. The involvements help show on the contribution by the different cultures in globalizing the world.


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Schneeweis, N. (2015). Immigrant concentration in schools: Consequences for native and migrant students. Labor Economics, 35, 63-76.

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