Free Essay: Enrollment for Political Science as My Independent Study

Published: 2022-03-01
Free Essay: Enrollment for Political Science as My Independent Study
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Every college has different outlines stipulating graduation requirements. My college requires that I do a single credit from an independent study class offered at the college. I major in computer information systems specializing in cybersecurity track. I wish to enroll in political science as my independent study. The independent study focuses on the analysis of the 2000 presidential elections (Bush vs. Gore). Chiefly, this study will encompass my detailed analysis of these two key candidates' opinions while concurrently expanding this into a proposal totaling eight to ten pages long.

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I am specifically interested in Bush vs. Gore presidential election of 2000 since it resulted in an election dispute. Supreme Court resolved the dispute making it fascinating to analyze the election. As a student with political interests, my aim is always to understand the factors that affected the 2000 elections and the resolution of the Supreme Court. I have much interest in an election since it different court rulings that still affect the nature of elections to date. It marks the peak of elections in the country, and that is why I want to take one credit in political science. Political science equips one with the skills and knowledge to comprehend the politics and elections. Elections lead to several debates in the country. The court ruling on the Bush v Gore presidential election preliminarily halted the recounting process of Florida that was in process. The election petition mainly focused on the Florida results. The Supreme Court allowed the Florida vote certification to stand. The Supreme Court focused on the constitutionality of the Florida vote recount. It also focused on the equal protection standards. It certified Bush as the winner of the 25 electoral states of Florida. It also declared Bush as the winner with 271 electoral votes and followed by Gore with 266 electoral votes. The law requires one to attain 270 electoral colleges to emerge a winner. According to the court, Bush constitutionally won the election. Bush and Gore are some of the political fathers in the United States. They contributed immensely to the construction and growth of the country.

It is fascinating studying this election since it aims to determine the factors that results to the election dispute. The study focuses on identifying how the court of law solves election disputes in the country. Reviewing the 2000 presidential election justice opinion also helps in determining aspects of a credible election. It also assists in determining the constitutional threshold required for one to emerge victorious in a presidential election.

Justice is one of the key aspects that determine the credibility of an election. Reviewing the Bush vs. Gore 2000 presidential election helps in understanding the contents of election justice. The credit assists in understanding and reviewing such aspects of politics. Doing the credit also helps in writing proper justice articles that improve the credibility of future elections. I am focusing on the credit area since helps in understanding the need for justice in a presidential election. I have a great interest in politics and wish to contribute to the development of proper elections laws. I am seeking for this permission to enable me to abide by the academic requirements and boost my chances of graduating. To graduate, one must do an independent credit offered by the school. I am, therefore, looking forward to a positive response.

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