Free Essay on Social Media Marketing

Published: 2019-09-03
Free Essay on Social Media Marketing
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Social media marketing has improved sales of various companies around the world due to its wide reach and impact. Although significant, some entrepreneurs think social media marketing strategy has no practical advantages, while, other entrepreneurs do not know what tools to use for effective impact (DeMers, 2014). Social media marketing, increases brand recognition by increasing visibility, improves brand loyalty by connecting companies with their audience while increasing the chances of converting potential client by every post made. The report seeks to highlight the key social media platform used by L.A Drones and their perceived impact by looking at their Webpage. The five mainstream social media analyzed were Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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InstagramInstagram is a popular photo sharing social media platform. It is said to be relatively simple to use as compared to other social media platforms, for this reasons, we found out that, L.A Drones performed the best on Instagram. The excellent performance was attributed to the numerous pictures and videos posted on the platform about the different events filmed by L.A Drones. There is a constant update of photos and videos at an average of one post a week, such an intensive speed of uploading, had attracted 19.3k followers and over twenty comments on average under one post. The L.A Drones Company had no weakness in their webpage, however, we suggest that the company continue to post informative content and amazing photos consistently in the future and enhance their interaction model with customers and followers as well.


As one of the most utilized social media platform, L.A Drones had posted several adorable photos and interacted well enough with its followers. However, the quality of the photos posted by the company have proved to be less colorful and of poor quality recently. This has led to a negative impact on its followers and potential customers. Posting of photos by the company is not consistent as observed; the company could post several photos in a day and sometime do the same after several months. This trend disrupts the bond created between the company and the clients, therefore, no matter how good the company is, without consistent uploads, brand loyalty and possible conversion of clients will be compromised. We suggest that the company keep posting amazing photos on a regular basis so that customers can keep track and relate to the professionalism of the company.


L.A Drones had actively posted information on their twitter account, thus, generating huge following. However, the massive and frequent posts are not as attractive and fascinating enough for potential clients. For these reasons, in order to capitalize on the huge following, high quality videos and photos should be uploaded. We recommend that the company invites its followers to share their photos and videos with friends. By so doing, generated traffic to its website will lead to increased customer base and brand loyalty.


The L.A Drones Company has no profile on LinkedIn, however, according to our research; the company has numerous clients such as Intel, best buy, PepsiCo, GameStop among others, all of which have LinkedIn profile. It is imperative for the L.A Drones to create and connect with these companies through LinkedIn. The event will lead to increased following as long as the clients realize the strong connection between L.A Drones and these companies. The foreseen benefits are only realizable if L.A Drones creates a LinkedIn profile.


So far, YouTube has become the worlds second largest search engine. We found out that, L.A Drones did not have much trendy video clips on YouTube. We strongly recommend that the company starts posting several quality videos and on a regular basis.


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