Paper Example: Strategic Evaluation

Published: 2023-01-27
Paper Example: Strategic Evaluation
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This analysis is driven towards the evaluation and recommendation prospects for Pro bike organization. Measuring the scopes of business, corporate, and global strategies will be done differently. Also, the recommendation with be based on a hypothesis. In other terms, all the above approach will promote the establishment of the theory of the proposal. Pro Bike Enterprise

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Since it's founding, Pro bike has strived in implementing business, corporate, and global levels approach. Moreover, the organization has relied on critical and innovative thinking by design methods and promotes the slogan that consumers are the primary elements that steer innovation. The organization has built on innovation and invested much turnaround techniques as a means of ensuring that it establishes a strong brand. Currently, the enterprise celebrates a robust and equitable relationship with its consumers due to its strong brand, growth, and colossal investment in technology that aims at ensuring clients health needs are met through product quality.

Business-level Strategy

Pro bike Inc. aims to use differentiation as its first business-level approach. This approach will rely on the value of the bikes the organization manufactures. In other terms, the value provided to the clients will be through the health features of the pro-bike rather than the price. As per the organization's policies, the Pro bike products are of high quality, high product innovation an advanced technology properties. The qualities of the product, as well as the Pro bike services, will be defined by establishing sustainability, raising consumers' performance, and reducing the consumer's expenses. Moreover, Porter's Five Force Model set that rivalry, suppliers, and entrants will assist achieve the organization goals. The organization aims to promote brand loyalty, which will ensure that the customers pay less attention to the price; therefore, achieving consumer satisfaction.

Corporate-level Strategies

Pro bike uses horizontal integration to strengthen its position in the market niche. Pro bike established a merger, which is the joining of two similar independent products to make a joint entity (Hunger, 2005). The company merged its technology-designed bikes with health monitoring equipment. Nonetheless, the primary purpose of the merge is to make sure that Pro bike enhances product differentiation, reduce the completion, as well as achieve profit in massive scales. Moreover, such a prospect increases Pro bike's market power over its suppliers and consumers.

Global-level Strategies

With the fact that there are improved government regulations as well as intergovernmental relationships to import quality spare parts and advanced technology in the bicycle industry, there are immense opportunities that the organization will compromise and enter into a joint venture/ocean blue with the importing companies (Nunziante, 2012). The joint venture is a strategic agreement where Pro bike and an importing company will conduct their business in the form of a partnership; specifically share market niches, assets, and profits, among others. The benefits of the joint venture will enable Pro bike to establish Pro bike brand recognition, global customer satisfaction, and it will allow the products to emerge into a new market (Nunziante, 2012). Also, the joint venture will lead to sharing of risks and costs, and access to more significant resources, which includes advanced technology, specialized workforce as well as better finance.


Pro bike can implement the price-skimming strategy as a second option. First, the price-skimming approach involves imposing high costs for bicycles, particularly during its launch on the new market. Pro Bike will rely on price-skimming to quickly recover the production and marketing costs due to the bike's technology superiority as well as the advanced health care monitoring equipment.


Hunger, S. (2005). Vertical integration and R&D information flow. GRIN Verlag.

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