Literature Review Sample on Crime Prevention and Sexual Assault

Published: 2022-09-20
Literature Review Sample on Crime Prevention and Sexual Assault
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Violent crime is categorized in four various groups, murder, rape, and sexual assault, robbery, and assault (Gialopsos, 2017). Sexual assault depicts sexual contact that occurs without the permission of the victim. The sex crime is a common problem on both national and foreign scopes (Gialopsos, 2017). Additionally, the recent crime involves a single or team of sexual offenders, and the act can occur in five different ways, prostitution, human trafficking, rape, sexual assault, and child abuse; thus, there need to be preventive measures (Zollner, Fuchs, & Fegert, 2014). Majorly, several researchers indicate that the sexual offenders' behavior has become unpredictable, leaving everyone at risk of becoming a victim. Additionally, preventive measures such as teaching and prevention interventions are the key to stopping such acts.

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According to Zollner, Fuchs & Fegert (2014), sexual assault prevention requires intervention programs that address all groups within a society, for example, to prevent these offenders from praying on children an application running in three levels need to be initiated. These levels cover parents and guardians, people who work with children and the general public are required to be taught on the severity of sexual assault and how to handle children (Zollner, Fuchs, & Fegert, 2014). The goals of the program are to ensure that all the mentioned above caregiver knows how to teach these kids on sexual assault, prevention mechanism, and how to respond in case such an event occurs to them, friends, or family.

Moreover, the CDC emphasizes on preventive approach termed as STOP SV (The, 2018). It is a five-stage program that involves the promotion of social standards 'S' that focus on the protection against sexual violence, for example, bystander approaches. Next, the 'T' represents the teaching of skills; these skills are useful in preventing sexual assault, for instance, empowerment-based training (The, 2018). Additionally, the 'O' denotes opportunities to support and empower the victims by enhancing leadership and economic support for the victims. Also, 'P' indicating protective setup; thus, it increases in addressing the issue of sexual assault at different levels of the society (The, 2018). Finally, 'SV' covers the support victims by ensuring the community provides victim-centered service and treatment for the survivors. With such educative measures, will sexual assault reduce? And if it does what will be the policies used to maintain its declined levels?


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