Effectiveness of Online Shopping. Free Essay Example.

Published: 2019-06-19
Effectiveness of Online Shopping. Free Essay Example.
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Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce that allows the customers to purchase goods or service through the internet. Also known as the online retailing, this type of business involves paying for the goods through the internet or on delivery also known as cash on delivery. Notably, this current of business in now common among teenagers who feel they are busy to go physically to the retail centers. Remarkably, the trend is increasing among most individuals since people have seen the importance of saving time. According to studies, the internet is the third-most channel used to buy products after mass merchandisers and the supermarkets. However, while online shopping may be seen as an alternative way of saving time, it exposes customers to several inconveniences, therefore, not effective.

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Online shopping forms a platform to which fraudsters to steal from honest customers. With the emergence of technology, swindlers copy the websites of the genuine seller such that it confuses the buyer. Particularly, they use the same name of the genuine agent and exactly copy the website in a manner that it conforms to the real one. In doing so, buyers pay to wrong agents and do not receive their goods. . On the same note, paying using internet require one to enter certain details such as security questions and password. These details may be retrieved from the internet by some computer expert who can later withdraw all the money from that particular account. In this regard, customers are advised to get real agents and identify certain unique features of the real website to avoid confusion. Most importantly, people should pay on delivery.

Additionally, there is no surety of the quality of the materials bought online. Particularly, there are some items that require physical touch in order to ascertain if it is the exact quality one needs. Although the retail agents say that they are responsible in ensuring the quality of the item ordered is up to standard, there are several cases that quality has not been met. Notably, before people pay on the store one has the chance to assess the materials in all aspects required. This does not happen in online shopping where agents will always agree that the quality is good. When this happens, people can do nothing as some retails do not accept the product once it is in the customers possession.

Lastly, the delivery time of some shops is quite frustrating. After paying for a product the next process that follows is delivery. While the websites give the delivery service for the customer, they have a very low efficiency that inconveniences the customers. Notably, there is sufficient time needed to for the retailer to prepare and send the goods to the delivery company. From the delivery agent, it can also take sometimes to reach the recipient. In simple terms, online shopping is not time-saving as the proponents purport. That is, the physical store is more convenient than online shopping.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that online shopping has some benefits since customers do not need to go to the shop. However, as compared to the physical store, it is not effective. This is because it forms a platform where fraudsters con the customer. Moreover, the quality is not guaranteed since the purchase happens through the net. Lastly, there is still no efficiency on delivery.

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