Free Essay Focusing on Kotter's 8 Steps and Blue Ocean Strategies

Published: 2022-09-09
Free Essay Focusing on Kotter's 8 Steps and Blue Ocean Strategies
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Danny Meyer created Shake Shack that has ever since been expanding. It is a chain that offers hamburger and fries and has grown into various other branches. In this case, the competition was stiff, but Danny decided to specialize in hamburger and fries and ensured that his products are unique. Also, in a competitive market, gaining a significant market share can be tough but making products and services unique enables one to succeed (Kim & Mauborgne, 2015). The owner of Manhattan's Eleven Madison Park, Will Guidara has converted his restaurant into a perk-filled service and managed to acquire customer loyalty. Hosts, bartenders, and waiters wear anything and can drink on the job and play their own music over the sound system (Cheshes, 2014). As such, this is a strength whereby happy employees offer quality services to clients.

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Change has been observed in Danny's Shake Shack. Customers are not only there to eat but can also present their opportunities. People are given a chance to display their prospects which leads to the development of a powerful coalition. However, all these are successfully attained through having a vision for change in that particular line of business (Kim & Mauborgne, 2015). Danny has managed to incorporate all these and resulted in the creation of a successful business.

Michael Kors saw an opportunity in his family love for fashion and decided to capitalize on it by going ahead and start designing (Galanesaug, 2014). As such, there was no threat concerning him going into business at a young age. As such, this has been his business strategy over the years. He further uses his weaknesses to enhance his products. When watching his fashion show, he always thinks about how different an outfit would have turned out, and this enables him to strengthen his products (Galanesaug, 2014) further.

Philip Galanes has pointed out a strength in Danny. He pops into his restaurants and ensures that his clients are enjoying (Galanesaug, 2014). His presence boosts consumers' confidence in his products and makes them feel more special (Kotter, 2014).


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