Essay Sample on Special Education Teacher Recruitment

Published: 2022-08-01
Essay Sample on Special Education Teacher Recruitment
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Special education teacher recruitment is one of the most challenging tasks in the hiring of teachers because of the work complexity involved in the special education. The special education teachers play an important role in ensuring the disables students get one of the life's basic requirements, education, therefore creating equality among all children. In achieving this, they should be in compliance with the 2004 act Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) set rules and policies that gives guidelines for handling the people with disabilities (Debettencourt 2018). As a result, the special education professions have the responsibility of establishing an individualized education plan (IEP) for every student. The IEP is an information document containing all the personal information of the student which includes the medical history, personal history, accommodation, abilities and educational objectives of every disabled child. The IEP helps the special education professional to evaluate, handle and accommodate the needs of each disabled student, therefore, facilitate the participation of such learners in a regular classroom. These teachers work hand in hand with other professionals in the education sector to developing schedules and curriculums, modifying where necessary, implementing the adapted modification and evaluating the general progress of the disabled students (Munsterberg, n.d.).

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Finding and retaining a special education teacher is further complicated by the unique knowledge and skills that are required to support, increase the literacy learning and teach the disabled students (Berry & Hirsch, 2005). The application of the technology and helping the students by ensuring the general participation of the students makes the task further tedious. The main challenge facing the recruitment of special education teachers is the shortage of the people with interest in this profession. This may be as a result of the numerous activities involved in teaching and assisting the disabled students. To be certain, this profession requires total dedication and commitment as it is may be frequented by disappointments. As a result, most of the teachers would not want a long-term commitment to the school. Most of them cite reasons such as sub-standard facilities and equipment, low benefits, and low pay which don't match the input they place at their work.

In an approach to convince more special education to join the program, they should be made aware of the pool work opportunity availed. This professionalism, unlike others, has little competition which presents more chances of securing a good well-paying job with the researchers' projection of an increase in demand. The specialist in providing education to the disabled children should embrace their careers by fighting on the good fight to save humanity by ensuring equal education rights are availed to every child irrespective of their disabilities with the increasing trends technological trends such as the use of more intelligent tools that will ease their work (Dannhauser, 2017).

The means and level of market influence the number of professionals joining the special education program. One of the effective methods of marketing the program is through the use of social media platforms such as the internet. This is because it influences the mode of conducting business nowadays especially the hiring and recruiting of staff members (Joos, 2008). The use of the internet is more efficient because of the target group it serves comprised of the recent graduates and the skilled people. Marketing the program through the internet has an impact on the recruitment efforts since more people read the advert. As a result of the more target market reached, more people may be joining the special education program.


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