Essay Example on Creating Communication Theory

Published: 2023-03-08
Essay Example on Creating Communication Theory
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Communication theory is a knowledge branch that helps to explain the methods that are followed when conveying a message. The exchange of ideas and information can happen either through a computer or through a written document. The effectiveness of different types of communication is a theory that can be developed to ensure that people have a better understanding of the way that the various procedures are conducted and their effectiveness in delivering details. There exist multiple ways through which communication is undertaken, and they include verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written. They all transmit the intended message in their respective ways. The verbal procedure makes use of the language to exchange ideas with a sign way of communicating, and speaking is an important tool in facilitating this process. Confident speaking voice, avoiding filler words and active listening is critical in the verbal communication process. The non-verbal procedure uses body language, facial expression, and gestures. The writing strategy can type or print symbols as a way of conveying information. The visual procedures rely on photography, sketches, art, and graphs for communication purposes. A theory is a system of ideas that is used to explain a given concept. In this paper, the effectiveness of the communication types will be used as a way of raising an understanding of the benefits of exchanging ideas and the processes that can be followed to ensure that the details are transferred well and the delivered messages are not distorted. When handling the issue of effectiveness among the various communication types, the main variables that are involved are the readers, viewers, sender, and receiver. All these parties must have a trustworthy connection between them.

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Effectiveness in communication is realized when the data and information are transferred, ensuring that the intended role is realized. The various types of communications must manage to portray various traits to ensure that they are considered as efficient. The various elements that make communication a suitable tool for delivering information include having a clear message. The message being sent should be simple, systematically framed, and easy to understand to ensure that it retains its meaningfulness. The recipient must be in a position to easily decode the provided details.

The message being delivered should always be correct, complete, and precise. Vagueness should be eliminated, and it should not transfer falsified information. Effectiveness is realized when grammatical errors are eliminated. The decision-making process relies on the communication details delivered, and this means that there is a need to ensure that details are complete and adequate to make the right resolutions. Short and concise details should be forwarded to ensure that there is a straightforward interpretation of information, and the right steps are taken. The effectiveness of the various communication processes is also supported by the concept of reliability. The senders should have the surety that the details that they are transferring from their end are right in their knowledge. The receiver should trust the sender, and this move will only ensure that the information can be relied upon to make decisions. The other feature of the effective communication process is the sender's courtesy and recipients' consideration. The communication medium and physical settings should be planned in advance with careful consideration of the receiver's education level, knowledge, and language. The details sent should be in a manner that they can understand and interpret in their language. The message should manage to show the sender's courtesy and humbleness and their respect towards the receiver. The language should be official and respectable.

Verbal Communication Effectiveness

The effectiveness in the verbal way of communicating revolves around being a good listener considering that the strategy involves an audience. When a communicator is addressing an audience, there is a need to ensure that their needs are met and understanding their wants involves being effective in listening. Some of the basic rules that should be mastered when using their type of communication include understanding the attitude and type of audience in attendance. The best tool of verbal conversation is listening to what the others are saying, processing the information before delivering feedback. Effectiveness is realized by knowing the main issues that the audience will be expecting to hear from the communicator. It is crucial to know their understanding of the topic under discussion to avoid engaging in a discussion that they have little knowledge about and yet fail to explain to them what it is about.

Another issue that ensures that there is effectiveness in the verbal strategy of communication is having a great understanding of the topic. A reader should avoid deviating away from the main concept to ensure that it is thoroughly scrutinized, and every player in a meeting has a better understanding of the message being delivered. Therefore, the critical way of ensuring that there is effectiveness in the verbal communication strategy is choosing the right words, knowing how to say them, and reinforce them with other means of information exchange.

Non-Verbal Communication

The effectiveness of the non-verbal communication process can be portrayed in various ways that involve the use of body language, gestures, postures, smiles, and eye contact. The body language portrays attitudes, confidence, and emotions. It is critical to ensure that the right message is delivered for different people can have various interpretations from observing a given body posture taken. Making gestures should follow the internal accepted format to ensure that everyone manages to derive the same meaning from the delivered information. However, if other gestures are to be used, they have to be the ones that the sender and receiver of the information understand their meaning to avoid making the wrong decisions. Maintaining eye contact is a procedure that helps to ensure that the right details are exchanged. Effectiveness is realized when a narrator manages to maintain eye contact, for this may be interpreted to mean that there is truthfulness in the details given.

Written Communication

When using the written communication process to deliver information, various measures can be undertaken to ensure that there is effectiveness in the process. The first important issue to note is knowing the goals of communicating and stating them clearly. The use of the right tone is critical, for it ensures that the writing process is effective, and the readers manage to understand the message fully. The readers should be directed to what they should do using a simple language that should avoid misinterpretation. Using a language that all parties are conversant with is critical, for it ensures that there are a connection and understanding among all parties involved. Effectiveness when using written communication is realized when the details are kept simple and less to make it simple for the readers to concentrate on the main issue under discussion. Punctuation, good grammar, and utilization of an active voice should be put into consideration.

Visual Communication

Effectiveness when using the visual method of communication is obtained by the utilization of elements, such as graphs, charts, and images. They should all hold the same meaning among all the parties in a communication process to ensure that, when used, they pass the intended message. Provocative images should be avoided, for they may lead to conflicts while emphasis should be placed on using few images to ensure that the sender and receiver remain within the discussion of the main topic.

The main variables that are involved in the creation of communication theory in this paper are the sender and the receiver of the communication details. It is important to note that communication is not complete if one of these parties is missing an indication that they both have to be present for the theory to be relevant. Effectiveness in the exchange of ideas is achieved when these two variables are reading on the same page. They should share a similar language, way of understanding, attitudes, notion of ideas. Therefore, there is a deep connection between these two variables for the exchange of data, information, and ideas to happen. These variables can be measured in various ways. It is possible to determine the effectiveness levels of their activities by having figures about the number of recipients that manages to decode the information sent to them positively. The theory on the effectiveness of the communication process can be provided by conducting interviews and questionnaires between the senders and recipients. They can be asked to fill answers to questions on matters of their ability to understand the messages sent. The responses given by the recipients will help a researcher understand whether the theory is efficient or not. A study process will involve all the stakeholders of the communication, and it is critical to determine if there was an instance that the various parties differed. A wrong system of information exchange may lead to inadequate decision-making or wrong resolutions being passed. Therefore, understanding research is a great component that will help in knowing whether the tools used to transfer data are achieving the desired outcome. Therefore, having this communication theory is useful for it will help in improving the strategies used to exchange ideas. People will manage to learn the procedures that they need to follow, the way they are supposed to behave, and measures that they need to undertake to realize the desired goal.

To sum up, there exist various ways of communication that range from verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written strategies. Their effectiveness is determined by the procedures that they follow to pass information and the ability of the senders to follow the right ways of delivering details. The efficiency level is also determined the ability of the readers, recipients, or viewers of an image to understand a message the way it was initially intended. Senders, recipients, viewers, and readers are the major components that are involved in the communication process, and they must all work together to ensure that the channels of information exchange are open and clear. The best strategy of transferring information is realized when these parties manage to understand each other.

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