Free Essay on Poly-Active Research

Published: 2019-09-23
Free Essay on Poly-Active Research
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There are some specific cues identified in the reading based on the Lewis Culture-Active Model. Identify at least three of these cues that led to your category selection in the first question.

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Lewis Culture active model identifies multi-active culture as one that has people who talk most of the time, are emotional, are people oriented, mix social and professional issues. The Tini community has most of these characteristics. The people in this community are good and appear to be friendly to the soldiers. They are generous and appreciate the efforts of the soldiers for helping them by building a small clinic and a new school. They are a talkative group because they express their feelings when they have an issue and openly relate with new people around them. They, however, become very emotional according to the report by the brigade intelligence officer.

Weigh your options as the commander. How should you respond to this sensitive incident? In sentence form, list at least three benefits & three consequences of military intervention related to the Moon Ceremony sacrifice?

The moon ceremony shows the triumph of Leal over Balzaar in their frequent struggles. There is a sacrifice of a woman and girl who are dismembered and killed to ensure continuity of lives. It takes three days and each day, the sacrifices take place thus more people go on losing their lives. Benefits

As a commander, responding to this sensitive incident will save peoples lives. There are people who are intended to be the next sacrifices in the ceremony and responding to it will save their lives because the community will be barred from killing people.

The soldiers will regain happiness on the realization that they saved the other members of the community, and there are no lives lost out of sacrifices. They are horrified and angered by the current rituals taking place hence intervention will prevent them from being horrified.

The Tini members will start valuing human lives. The intervention of the soldiers means they have to mentor the community as well as punish those who will go against the laws. The mentorship process will enable people to learn that it is wrong to take away someones life without evidence that the ritual works. The people will greatly start respecting their lives and of others.


The restrictions on the ritual practices may bring conflict among the soldiers and members of the Tini community. They may feel that the soldiers do not want the best from them by stopping them from practicing what pleases their gods and hence cause a negative attitude with the soldiers.

It would cause a war between the community and the soldiers. The people can be infuriated by the restrictions, and their anger would lead to fighting the soldiers so that they can move away from their land and give them space to continue with their ceremony.

There would be the destruction of property. The community has emotional people. The soldiers would anger them and in turn, destroy the clinic and the school in progress.

Carefully considering the benefits & consequences analyzed above, which option do you choose? (Select only one)



Based on your selection, (in at least one paragraph) briefly explain and support your rationale.

The community needs to be exposed, and they cannot live in darkness all their lives. Killing people as a way to save the community is wrong, and intervention would save the community in the end. Only God has the right to take away ones life hence, the community leaders are wrong. It is also wrong to just pick females as the gender that will represent the whole community during the rituals. When one offers mentorship programs to the community and punishing the people who do not abide by the laws, it will teach the others, the way to right way to behave hence the rituals will end although it may take time.

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