Free Essay on Conflict of Social Classes

Published: 2019-11-25
Free Essay on Conflict of Social Classes
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In the modern society, there is always an existing strife of class and distinction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The conflict is characterized by the one social class exploiting the other, and this relationship could always lead to significant historical changes. The current state of sexual exploitation of women reflects such a scenario where instances of such conflicts have led to the detrimental effects associated with decay in social morals in the recent times. The special tax on women is a rather certain yet offensive act on the female gender class considering that they opt to put up with acts of sexual harassment; to compensate for opportunities and favor within the society.

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Complacency and Compatibility of Inferior Class

However, despite the gravity of this matter, it is the typical situation in the current society to the point that it may be seen by the women as a necessary choice to make to live up to their expectations. The statistics on this is very clear in affirming the situation on the special tax on women. In their lifetime, a quarter of the women in the United States are reported to have been harassed sexually; whereas a stunning one fifth of this population being rather rape victims or reporting cases of attempted rape.

Unfortunately, at one point these social strife lead to a kind of compatibility to the existing system such that society views the exploitation by one social class as a necessary act. This is the process that has induced the neglect of preventive measures for such actions to the hands of the women themselves, who are expected to take personal actions that could prevent such advances. Most women have given up on the cause of dignity and status to malicious acts of assault and joined the common belief that there is the need for a special tax. This decision has elevated the cost of sexual harassment to these women as they have to exchange their freedom to stay safe from sexual harassment. An instance is a standard advice that women should avoid some social activities and lifestyle to keep them safe. This assumption has denied them some of the fundamental and essential freedom their male counterparts thoroughly enjoy. In other words, they have to balance the benefits that come with engaged in their social lifestyle and the need to protect them from sexual harassment. Or worse still, they have to circumnavigate the dangers associated with their social life to enjoy equal benefits as their male fellows.

The Rise of the Oppressed

This situation would, therefore, mean that, where men tread free and unhindered the women have to make occasional pauses and calculate the choice of their movement and the possible consequences. This scenario is evident through a study by Bloomberg that showed that a little lesser percentage of women (33 percent) received funding compared to the male entrepreneurs. This scenario partially leads to an incomplete society owing to the extinction of the female gender class in significant development and key industrial areas of the society. This development has left the women with enormous equality gaps to close up to match up their male fellows; implying thinner avenues to achieve success in their lives. Such a scenario would result in adverse effects on the male race as well. They women gender race has to ask them tough questions and make decisions on what to take and leave from such relationships in the society.


In the video leak in question, the woman, Ms. Zucker has to choose between complying with the advances of Mr. Trump and Bill; and the possible consequences on her job upon non-compliance. Therefore, she chooses the former and saves the latter against her will. These conflicts can never be resolved through reforms and policy changes from one government to another but rather a revolution by the female class to stand up against such social acts even at the expense of their freedom and comfort. Despite these counteractive policies, there has been a widespread occurrence of assault cases even among influential figures as the Trump and Bill scenario. Such a change can be induced by the womens exhaustion at trading their freedom and integrity for favors and opportunities; where such a relationship that allows their exploitation can no longer hold. An effective engagement into these issues by individuals who can no longer stand it will lead to the rise of a class of even mixed gender who bear zero tolerance to acts of sexual harassment; by neither promoting it as a unique tax method nor allowing instances that encourage these assault acts.

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