Media and Pop Culture - Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-05-30
Media and Pop Culture - Free Essay for Everyone
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There exist great things of the past that excited the old generation and the same cannot be seen with the present age. An example can be drawn with a focus on old generation's media and pop culture that no longer exists to the current generation (Marc, and Sharon 51). Traditionally, people's pop culture was determined by the interactions and daily activities; people stuck to their dressing mode, greeting rituals, slangs uses, and the traditional foods which is not the case today.

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Presently, the popular media and pop culture allow different masses of people to identify collectively (Billy, and So Jung 161). It performs inclusivity role in the society by uniting masses on the doctrines of accepting specific forms of behavior. Furthermore, media and pop culture such as folk offer individuals with chances to change the prevailing sentiments and behavioral norms. It provides the individual with happiness and social bonding. Media and pop culture reflects a more straightforward style of life, conservative, self-sufficient and is often marked by rural life. Radical changes such as putting clothes or behaving in a way that does not conform to traditional norms were discouraged, and this is not the case currently.

The change in technology will make grand the gospel artists with the power of instrument and fine-tuning features. The new gospel will be perhaps the rebrand of the tradition but will still have to bring the new themes and artistic style that will fill the void (Marc, and Sharon 56). The next gospel arts will teach us more about the roles of church and gospel in the modern society via the contemporary language. The modern artists will see the gaps left by the traditional gospel artist and expand to capitalize on that.

The rituals that will rejuvenate society is the modern development of the technology. Currently, there are online marketing platforms where artists can advertise their new brands to ensure they thrive. For instance, there is YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms with free marketing tools that will assist unlike the traditionally where they did not exist.

Finally, all that will serve as the future glue is the connection between the traditional culture, modern culture and future culture. The parents, artists, scholar, leaders have to teach the youths about the traditional culture and ensure that it passed from generation to the next one.

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