Essay Sample: Children of Divorced Parents

Published: 2022-11-03
Essay Sample: Children of Divorced Parents
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Divorce will most likely affect the children more than their parents. When the parents separate, the kids are faced with many challenges which some affect their life totally to the point that they cannot change (Gordon, 2017). The paper below explains the negative impact of divorce on kids and a possible solution to the challenges. Divorce in many cases affects the young children and the kids in the adolescent stage (Harold & Leve, 2018). In the two stages, the kids are at a point that they expect total affection from parents hence may be highly affected in case of a divorce. The challenges children face as a result of divorce are:

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Split of Resources

When they are a divorce in many cases, they are split of resources, and the resources become inadequate. In some instances when a divorce happens, the two parents come into an agreement through the court or when the couples decide on how to split the properties they had invested together. Each parent is affected since the two will not be at the exposure of all the resources they had (Benson, 2014). The kids will find it difficult to start a life with either new resources without enough resources, for example, divorce may result in one parent living in a rented home with limited resources. A kid who was used to be driven to schools may end up been stressed because of a change of environment (Gordon, 2017). For the properties that generated wealth, it will affect the income of one or both parents to a point they cannot provide for the kids as they did before. Parents end up being busier to ensure they provide hence they lack time to spend with their parents.

Decision Making

In many cases when it comes to deciding who will live with the kids the kids end up becoming emotionally affected. The parents may choose either to use split custody or joint custody but whichever the type of custody they choose the child may end up been affected mentally (Harp & Oser, 2016). As a result, the child may develop complications in mental health affecting their education.

Feeling Insecure

In many cases after a divorce, the kids end up feeling insecure without the custody of the two parents. A child who was too close to their father if a decision is made that they live with their mother may feel less secure and may end-up growing lacking the fatherly figure (Lox et al., 2017). The child will always need the mother and father figure as they glow and if one misses them may end up glowing in an unhealthy way with different complications in life.

Health Complications

Due to change of environment and to change in the available resources the health of a child may be affected in one way or the other. The kid may lack the proper medical facilities due to financial problems (Lox et al., 2017). The parent may be too stressed not to notice the health status of a kid.

Possible Solutions

Divorce cases are common and cannot be avoided. To ensure the health of kids, the following are the possible solutions that would be applied to reduce the negative impacts (Cox & Desforges, 2017).


After a divorce, both parents go their separate ways. The kids according to the relationship they had with the parents will need to be in contact with the two parents. To ensure children reduce stress the two parents should come up with a plan on when they can be visiting each parent (Cox & Desforges, 2017). They should be proper communication between the parents and the children.

New Skills

The child mind is not fully developed to deal with the issue of divorce to ensure they can handle the situation; the parent should train the kid new skills (Cox & Desforges, 2017). The child should be taught on how to believe themselves, the role of the parent is to show the kid that they can overcome the issue. The academic levels of the kid may be affected due to their change in environment, stress, and anxiety. To ensure the child stays focus in their education the parent should help the attitude of the child towards education be positive.


Not only the children need to exercise but also the parents need to participate in exercise activities. Exercise has been said to be one of the best ways to end stress (Lox et al., 2017). The hormone causing hormones are reduced through an exercise where the mood of an individual is positively impacted after an exercise. Involvement in co-curriculum activities will help the child not to think much of the separation of the two parents reducing the mental health complications.

Show Love

The parent given the custody of the kids has the responsibility to ensure the child is in good health state. The child expects to be shown total affection in a point though they will note the separation they will note no big change. The parent should ensure that they show the children the love they need. At the time of divorce, the kid does loose not only one parent but also the change of friend's results to a lack of love from friends (Hetherington, 2014). To ensure kids are not lonely total affection should be shown by spending time with them and once in a while taking them out. It will help the kid feel safe and free to talk to the parent.

Involve the Elder Siblings

In homes where they are elder siblings with more knowledge of the life experiences, the parent can give them the responsibility to take care of their younger siblings (Green, 2016). The parents may too be affected by the divorce and be in a position to not fully take care of the kids. To ensure the kids get the support they need the elder siblings may give guidance and help the kids adapt to the new situation.


The kids may have already started becoming close to the friends of either the two parents, maybe the family members, workmates or just close friends. The child may note a difference if the friends don't regularly visit as they did (Cox & Desforges, 2017). To ensure they are not emotionally affected the parent should involve their friends and ask them to visit as much as they can. It will reduce the time the child focuses on thinking about the divorce of their parents.


The process of divorce may affect a child in different ways. The challenges associated with divorce in some cases become evident where even some kids end up divorcing their partners when they become of age to marry. It is the responsibility of the two parents to ensure the status of the kids is not negatively affected. Among the possible solution is showing the kids more affection during and after divorce. The communication between the two parents should be kept constant to ensure kids are not stressed due to a lack of one parent.


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