Essay Sample on the Community Housing Project

Published: 2017-12-04
Essay Sample on the Community Housing Project
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There is a need to solve the housing problem that is facing most of the low-income groups across America. The imbalances to access to quality housing impede the lower socio-economic groups from living in clean and desirable environments.

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The low-income households usually live in places that are synonymous to:

Poor Access Roads

No Access to Recreational Activity Parks

Lack of water

Poorly maintained housing units

Exorbitant housing rates

Poor Security or community policing

Criminal Activities

Drug use and Abuse

Sustainable Housing Project Project Outlook

The Sustainable Housing Project for the Low-income earners dubbed ‘The Future is Local’ is a project aimed at improving the housing conditions of the low income earners.

The objectives of the project is to provide sustainable environments and improve the living conditions of low-income earners. This project aims at meeting its objectives through:

Emancipation of the public for contributive funding of projects

Liaising with the Federal, State and Local governments for funding.

Seek funding from international organizations like World Health Organization-Housing and Wealth

Working with the locals on improvements of their current housing needs.

This project will utilize volunteers from each and every suburb to come in together for a collaborative plan to start up the whole project ("12 Features of Sustainable Community Development", 2016) .

Community Homes Project Targets

The Future is Local aims at creating a better and sustainable social housing communities through the provision of local amenities through a grant awarding process.

The objectives include:

Improving the facilities in the community

Increasing accessibility through better roads and feeder roads

Improving security within the community

Facilitation an integration between social housing and the neighboring community

Enhancing and developing recreational areas.


The identification of individuals in need of housing aid will focus more on the people on the lower socio-economic status.

Low income earners can be identified based on the average wages they make per hour. Assessments are going to be conducted as follows:

Individuals living poorly maintained neighbourhoods

Individuals earning less than $7 per hour

Individuals with no access to loans and mortgages

The people fitting into these groups will be considered too:

Single Parent Families

Disabled People

The Elderly in society

(Site designed, 2016)


The ‘Future is Local’ project has been in existence for half a decade. It all started in 2010 after the assessment of an increased need for sustainable housing for communities across America.

The project was founded in Chicago in a bid to improve the living standards of the low income earners.

Over the years the project has managed to collect cash from different aid groups in support with the government that has been used in the development of housing projects across different states in America.


The project aims at restructuring over 250 identified hotspots across America.

Currently, the project has helped rehabilitate 27 suburbs across America and the fight is still on to achieve the set targets.

Through collaboration with volunteers and aid from the local government, we have been able to conduct rehabilitation projects in all the 27 locations.

Community Housing Partnership

The project aims cannot be met without the partnership of several entities in a bid to contributively collect resources to aid in the success of the project.

The project partners include:

Federal Government

State Government

Local Government

All the above mentioned partners play a critical role in the success of the project.


The Federal government through the Congress has the power to move a motion on the development and rehabilitation of poor neighbourhoods across America.

The Federal government through its powers has:

Provided low residential mortgage rates for the low income earners.

Development of government-sponsored enterprises on rehabilitation of housing conditions

Insuring private lenders from losses by defaulters

Financial risk insurance to mortgage and housing companies ("Key Issues: Federal Government's Role in Housing Finance", 2016)


The state government plays a substantial role in the speeding of services that aim at improving the access to quality housing among members of the state.

Through direct and indirect means the state government has provided housing assistance to many people through provision of:

Public Housing

Community Housing Projects

Low Rent Housing

Home Purchase Aid

Home Lending Programs

Joint Venture with the Private Sector on Housing

All the above efforts by the state government helps people get access to quality housing and better-living conditions("Key Issues: Federal Government's Role in Housing Finance", 2016) .


The local government play a major role in the facilitation and organization of the development of affordable houses.

This government ensures that there is enough supply of a mix of different housing units to meet the needs and the resources of all individuals in the community.

Through offering of incentives on land, the local government encourages people to construct and own homes.

Partnering with private partners in joint ventures to assist in property development.

All these levels of governance work together in a bid to provide sustainable housing to low income earners across America in order to solve the housing problem in the country.


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