Paper Example: Is Technology Limiting Creativity?

Published: 2023-03-03
Paper Example: Is Technology Limiting Creativity?
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Describing creativity, one might not come up with the exact words for creativity is a diverse field that is occupied by a wide range of artists. Technology is limiting creativity in recent days, whereby people are relying more on online and internet-provided materials to come up with items. Creativity must connect well with originality, innovation, and the invention of new ideas. Creativity is beyond facts and logic for it can go beyond what people expect. Technology has contributed to many failures in the artistic field. Artists have developed a negative attitude towards creativity; hence, coming up with new ideas has become a challenge. Relying on everything that is provided by the internet and dwelling on technological devices has limited individuals' creativity since they do not have time to think and create new ideas.

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Before, technological devices like computers and television came into play, when someone experienced boredom. Nowadays, it is not the case for people can look at their phones and talk to no one the entire period. Others will assume that no one exists around them and keep on scrolling. Bangou says that technology has killed interaction and creativity that emerged due to interaction is no longer experienced (89). Young people are the ones majorly affected by technology. In most cases, young people spend most of their time on technological devices such as phones and laptops. Bangou indicates that young people do not have time to think, innovate and find solutions to problems brought to them (92). Bangou states that it is very sad that the young generation is dwelling on what was formulated and innovated before but cannot find time to bring out ideas that can make others happy (85). If young people can source materials for creativity, why bother that much to come up with new ideas? New ideas are beneficial to both society and artists.

Kids and adults in equal measure have been involved in device scrolling activity more than reasoning together. Bangou says that sharing ideas has been one of the best ways of enhancing creativity (90). Scientific studies indicate that human beings need time to interact, brainstorm and daydream. If human beings keep on scrolling through their technological devices, they will not find time to daydream. It is said that, when someone daydreams, creative ideas come along hence being able to develop as time goes by. In creativity, there is one rule which states that if something is not well utilized, then it can be lost and never to be discovered. Bangou says that there is a need for all individuals that think of a creative career, to take more of their time thinking and coming up with original ideas (87).

Plagiarism and copying already existing materials is a challenge facing creativity. Gana states that people have developed a habit of copying even without authorization (434). For instance, in the academic field, templates are providing all the information that someone might need. Students have gone to the extent of copying and presenting to professors. The academic field lacks creativity, and this is something that will persist for long if not corrected. Gana indicates that students should come up with their original work, something that is different from what others have created before (468). Copying someone's work is completely wrong and should be discouraged by all measures. Originality means that society has learned several things that can be implemented even to future generations hence avoiding and doing away with copying cases in a learning institution.

Graphics and web designing have been limited by technology. Templates are available on social platforms hence limiting the desire of originality and the development of more ideas. Gana says that creativity is not dead; it is only limited and human beings can overcome the type of environment they are subjected to by technology (445). Recently, technology has become a battle between men and machines. No one wants to be termed outdated and out-of-fashion, therefore, every individual is running after being associated with machines. Gana indicates that one can have all types of machines they would like and at the same time, create content that can be sold and bring change in society (433).

Technology is killing our content, in that communication has been turned into something unpleasant. If someone is not familiar with the signs used, he or she might not understand what is being said. For instance, the use of emoji has misplaced the real usage of words and letters. On the other side, proliferation and predetermined functions to express our feelings and views have been misplaced by liking, laughing, sharing, and loving and in some cases disliking what does not please us. As well, these predetermined functions have gone further and caused depression among people in cases where someone does not get much attention as expected. Holland indicates that creativity is limited by such activities hence making generations grow lazy and dependent on other people's sources of wisdom and creativity (259).

Creativity scores are dropping day by day. Discoveries indicate that creativity has ceased to happen a long time ago. People have developed an attitude toward creativity and marked it as useless. Holland says that intelligence has taken over hence making creativity lesser than how it used to be (260). Technology has made people, and especially youths to focus on academics hence forgetting about creativity. School performance is not everything towards a successful life, and this is something that the young generation should know. Holland elaborates that talent and content creation has managed to feed and nurture several individuals as long as they take their work seriously (266). Creativity scores can be improved by forgetting about whether technology offers information concerning items that someone intends to do.

Sacrificing new ideas for the sake of being constantly entertained has drained creativity to unpleasant levels. When creating new content, the mind is always busy hence leading someone into criminal activities, and changes happen in limited numbers. Strauss says that individuals have developed a habit of listening and watching already uploaded music and movies without considering the idea of creating content that could lead to the same (12). It is safer when our children get to learn on a few things that can help them grow responsible. Today's generation is typically lazy, lacks content, for they do not create time to daydream of things they could perform. Strauss says that it is technology to be blamed; subjecting generations into several developed contents make them think it is all done and no more information to be added (13). Few individuals in today's generation are capable of coming up with ideas and creating content that is beneficial to the community and even other generations to come. Ideas development should be given priority.

On the other side, creativity has caused artistic distractions, whereby quintessential focus and the artist's inspiration is being carried away. Holland says that entertainment being easily accessed online; individuals do not find pleasure in going to meeting joints and listening to live bands (265). The music industry is being limited to accessing people who could be the best source of inspiration while listening to music. As well, Holland indicates that musicians are afraid of creating new content for technology will circulate their items even before artists sell their work (264). It is demoralizing to learn of levels that creativity has been limited to. Technology limits creativity as well as subjects young generations into tough future economic days. People will not have the capacity to create content, sell it and survive in tough economic days.

To sum up, technology has limited creativity in diverse ways. Technology has subjected young generations into laziness hence developing a negative attitude toward creativity. Smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers should not limit human beings from interacting. Human beings should be the ones controlling technology and not technology controlling them. Plagiarism and copying should be illegalized by all measures to make people engage in activities that lead to the creation of original content. Students need to learn how to be independent when it comes to class work. Serious penalties should be formulated and circulated hence informing people of the consequences of lacking original content. Creativity is one of the ways that young people can employ themselves hence curbing the issue of unemployment among youths. As well, content creators should be protected from piracy, in that, information concerning their creativity is not sold out before artists benefit from their content. Considering limiting factors to technological usage and setting standards, creativity can come along well among young people.

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