Essay Sample on Colonization and Resistance of Indio-America

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Sample on Colonization and Resistance of Indio-America
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Throughout the history of religion, so many differences have separated people according to their beliefs. From this video by Daniel Osuna, America, Africa and Europe have different divisions of religion. Due to differences in culture and religion beliefs, discrimination faces other beliefs that are regarded as inferior. Starting with religion racism, the indigenous Americans according to Daniel Osuna had a dysfunctional relationship that developed from religion divisions. Some of those native Americans converted from Jews to Christianity; others had a strong belief of Judaism while the rest of the group divided to Islamic. The indigenous Americans had to adapt this colonization from the European countries although their relationship was affected regarding unity and support. Due to religion racism, the Catholic believers as Christians were killed for their strong faith. Discrimination of Christianity as an example of religion racism contributed to the genocide because other faiths were against their strong belief.

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Racism, from the video, occurred on most occasions where the Native Americans were killed. The Native Americans before colonization did mining as part of their occupation, but this was no longer their occupation after colonization. These indigenous American were killed and later on Africans were taken as slaves to replace the lost miners. Through racism, the indigenous Americans were eliminated to hide the history of ownership and kingship. The ruling monarchy after colonization has demonstrated superiority by taking over leadership from the indigenous Americans. Africans being brought as slaves in the 14th century portrays racism because they have been classified as the inferior society. Discrimination throughout these years featured the indigenous Americans and African since they didn't possess power to resist. Any resistance led them to faced genocide. The act of oppression that was encountered by the indigenous American did not allow them to resist back.

Sexism, as the discrimination according to gender, has played a role in causing the genocide of the indigenous Americans. Starting with men, they were killed at any point to open the opportunity of colonization. According to human nature, men are protective and masculine to withstand harsh conditions. The colonizers captured men at middle age who were killed as a strategy to destabilize the indigenous Americans. Selection of gender in these genocides displayed sexism. Also, when slaves were captured, men are getting captured and killed for any resistance. Sexism again featured women in the scenario where they were made to accept change by having their children taken from their hands and getting killed. For easy move, the genocide that focused on children destabilized women to agree with the religion and other differences. Through sexism, men were oppressed to a level that made them agree all that colonizers needed.

On ethnocentrism, the indigenous American community has been judged as useless, and their possession is taken from them. Their cultures and beliefs are getting converted by force. Any resistance to these changes facing the indigenous community in America caused genocide. The indigenous community in America should be in charge of leadership and other possessions, but they were neglected and killed massively. Men and women were taken from the Native Americans community, killed and others sold as slaves. Also, the indigenous Americans were oppressed concerning human rights since their grievances were not listened to. The only solution that was available to solve resistance was massive killing. The act of ruling someone from their home in a dictatorial manner as seen from the video portraits clearly illustrated the oppression faced by the indigenous Americans.

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