Colonist's Letter of Invitation to New England - Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-08
Colonist's Letter of Invitation to New England - Paper Example
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I am writing to bring to your attention an invitation to New England: Plymouth, Boston County. As you well know, it has been long since we kept in touch and this letter is appreciated all of you, and inform you that I am fine and striving at all my obligations. Indeed, I left Chesapeake for New England in search of a better life and even though it did not start easy, and the journey was more robust than expected, but due to my perseverance, attitude, ambition, and drive to succeed has led me to become an achiever in this part of the world. Indeed historical time line of New England has exposed us to more harm, for example, wars, economic instability, and intercultural disputes, but I am glad that the outcome of peace, prosperity, and understanding among the occupants provides me the opportunity to invite you to Plymouth, Bolton.

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As we all know I had to migrate to New England because our native town was not productive economically, socially, and health-wise. After staying in Chesapeake for all those years, it came to my notice that I had to change the environment to make something productive out of my life since the lifestyle there was unbearable. For example, while in Chesapeake, the entire population was composed of mostly young and single men who were afraid of settling down because of the rate of poverty in the region.

Moreover, the town lacked enough infrastructures that could boost the skills of the inhabitants. Back to back, the environmental and climatic conditions did not support healthy lifestyles, for example, most of the land was swamp-land; therefore, exposing the entire population to various illnesses that proved to be the leading cause of the reduced life expectancy of 45 years. Moreover, the employment competition was not balanced since the workforce at the tobacco firms included one hundred and twenty immigrants; thus, leaving the natives with limited opportunities to search for jobs.

Contrary to Chesapeake, New England: Plymouth, Boston County is a region with rich and educative norms that have trained and established my current state in the society; therefore, it met all my expectations. It is a region that is opposite to Chesapeake since the community is composed of families from different social class; thus, there is the presence of the rich, middle-class, and the poor. Additionally, much had changed in this region because when I first arrived, the economic activity was farming due to the vast lands, favorable weather, and constant flowing rivers that were used for irrigation.

Currently, the community introduced artisan skills; this a diverse means of seeking employment. With these components, the town is healthy that increasing the life expectancy of the inhabitants to 70 years. Back to back, the employment industry is not crowded since between 1620 and 1700 only twenty-one thousand immigrants have gained employment opportunities, specifically in the head right system. In short, I invite you because I believe that in New England all of you are bound to benefit, for example, learn artisan skills or become farmers and master agricultural skills; therefore offering you a chance to be independent.

Historically, New England was occupied by the Indians who lived in small villages. Indians from the same town had cordial relations since they shared the same tradition and practices. Unfortunately, inter-village or inter-tribal relationships were not that cordial since they were in constant fights, adopting the weaker tribe's women and forcing them to adapt their tradition as a means of showing superiority. Upon the arrival of the colonists, it was a challenge for me since there were constant battles, bloodshed, and death, for example, the Pequot War of 1637 and Metacom War of 1675 to 1676.

The main reasons as to why there were wars were because of the religious, traditional, and cultural differences between the Indians and the colonists. Moreover, during this period, three Wampanoag men were involved in total property destruction by the use of fire. Colonists were killed, and so were livestock, but in 1676 they were arrested and prosecuted; thus, giving the room the birth of peace we now celebrate.

Due to the bloodshed, death, and destroying property, most of the residents thought that peace would never reign, but due to human needs, the Indians fostered a good relationship with the colonists. It was the beginning of a mutual understanding between the Indians and the colonists since the Indians offered labor in exchange for clothes, food, and weapons for protection.

Even though in 1676, the Iroquois who were mercenaries were present in New England, the community settled for peace; therefore; leading to the displacement of the Dutch and the introduction of Quakers led by William Penn. Penn was a wealthy man who transformed the economic scope of the community. Since he was well educated and very rich, he used his influence to establish political, social, and economic power for his fellow Quakers. Unfortunately, for the establishment of a more stable commercial nation, much was compromised.

Unfortunately, the Quakers were not an ordinary group of people; they were wealthy protagonists with the ambition to control the trade routes; thus, they got caught in slavery. Just like the Quakers, the era of economic stability and profit was defined as a norm that established whites vs. blacks. During this era, social class was a practiced norm, and the creamy white controlled the poor and weaker races.

The excellent example displayed that poor whites were security personnel, Africans were slaves working on the enormous farms and these groups were treated more violently and crudely. First, the slaves were entitled to less food and clothing, and poor health coverage and shelter. Also, blacks were severely punished as a means of taming and instilling fear within them. Moreover, what boosted trade were tools, guns, and clothing since they were used to ensure acute productivity. Indeed slavery was the primary resource for maximum production while the Iroquois were used by the England community to protect the trade routes as well as ensure the slaves were guarded.

Moreover, with the influence of the Quakers who established the trade domestic trade ring, came international interests on the goods and services of New England by the Dutch. The Dutch were the main trade partners to New England; thus, making them benefit so much since their wealth came from Fort Orange and later led to the establishment of New Amsterdam. Ideally, the New Amsterdam became the colonial headquarters for the Dutch. Moreover, its population was low since approximately a thousand colonists resided in the area. Unfortunately, the land was forcefully taken from the Indians and at the same time they were the slaved who worked on the farmland for the colonists.

Additionally, some of the Dutch colonists were fur traders while others were military personnel. Moreover, there were conflicts in controlling the trade routes; for example, the Dutch and English wanted to eliminate each other because each had the desire to control the economic norms of trade. Ideally, the race towards controlling the trade routes did not favor the Dutch; thus, making the English the controllers of trade routes. In other terms, the Navigation Acts of 1652, 1660, and 1663 favored the English since their fleets shipped all products. With such an advantage the relationship between England and Holland remained professional.

To conclude, the History of New England is one that astonishes the public since the journey to liberty can discourage a person from paying a visit, but long gone are those days. Today, I am happy to share with you what I witnessed and experienced. As the slogan states, 'no pain no gain' I am well established in these parts with a farm I can call my own. I would love all of you to witness how much history and time has changed the perspectives of humans, specifically, in finding the means to fend for themselves. I am sure that you being around will give us the opportunity to reflect on our history and share ideas on how to create a better future for the next generation. In other terms, I take this opportunity to once again invite you all to New England, a nation with the new and vast opportunities.

Yours Sincerely

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