Narrative Reporting Essay Sample

Published: 2022-10-27
Narrative Reporting Essay Sample
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Although difficult to define, narrative journalism is a form of journalism which combines narrative journalism and investigative journalism (Hussainey, 2012). Narrative journalism is a powerful form of storytelling that is used to grab the attention of the viewers or listeners by providing extensive details than the ones found in conventional news items. The great attention to detail that is required in narrative journalism means that at the heart of every story is the element of truth without embellishing the facts. Investigative journalism, on its part, is the covert-like kind of reporting where the reporter aims to unearth some scandal or rogue way of doing business that is unknown to the public. Narrative reporting, therefore, is investigative storytelling that seeks to discover and broadcast the truth. The storytelling eventually culminates in an investigative masterpiece where a previously hidden truth is revealed.

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Any change in the facts of a given story that has already been published can be regarded as a material change. Material changes are serious because they can expose the media house legal battles. Publication of material change, therefore, is the follow-up publication after a news item that had been published earlier. The earlier story may have carried an error that necessitates the publication of material change to rectify the noticed mistake. The management discussion and analysis is the segment of a company's annual report where the management of the entity communicates to the stakeholders on the progress that the company has made thus far and the plans it has for its operations. The management argues their cases to the shareholders through the use of qualitative and quantitative data that spells out their plan of action and operational strategy for the coming financial periods.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is an entity found on a non-profit basis that utilizes Accredited Business systems to give the rankings of other business entities, charity organizations, and non-profit entities. The Better Business Bureau has data storage on various corporate entities, and it applies the dispute resolution protocols founded by the Council of the Better Business Bureaus. The local Better Business Bureaus provide services to consumers with the aim of enabling them file complaints or negative feedback against both accredited and non-accredited enterprises (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2012). Complains regarding issues that the bureau can handle are sorted at the spot while complaints regarding a particular company's business transaction are forwarded to the entity to sort out the matter. The bureaus are helpful in that they help a customer complaint issue to be solved amicably until it closes the complaint file when both parties in the dispute are satisfied.

Information that Unions can provide some of the information that unions might provide about the companies that employ their members include payroll information. The unions can be able to tell if a certain company adheres to the minimum wage requirements and whether it furnishes tax information on all the employees to the IRS. The unions might also be able to tell the compensation parity between the different class and gender of workers in a certain company that hires its members. The hiring policy and any potential discrimination cases can be unearthed with the help of the unions which source such information from its members who double up as employees of the different companies. This information is crucial for a union to have in case they are faced with litigation that requires a solid defense mechanism.


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Hussainey, K. (2012). Corporate narrative reporting. Bradford: Emerald.

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