Cold War Assignment

Published: 2017-08-15 14:10:39
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Assignment 10

The Cold War came about as a result of two countries which were fighting for supremacy. Such countries are the United States and the USSR. The Fact is that after the World War II the two nations were leading in power that is why capitalism and communism are referred as a diametric of opposite political stances. The primary cause of the cold war was disagreements, differing in political systems, and mistrust. Also, the other reason is that the USSRs had the aim of spreading communism, fear of American attack, the atomic bomb, dislike of capitalism, and also Americans also feared for the communist assault. In that regard, mutual distrust was created between the United States and USSR due to the feeling of suspicion hence leading to the deepening of the cold war. As a result of these, both countries, which are the USSR and the United States, are at fault for creating political tension and division among countries.

In such terms, the explanation about the cold war is well elaborated to an extent it covers the whole topic. Not only that, nearly all the questions involved in this topic has been answered. In that regard, the explanation has been explained who started the cold war, how it was fourth, the nation to blame for the commencement of the war, its main causes and countries involved. Also, it has elaborated ahead to make people understand the reasons for calling it a cold war, in other words, what means. Indeed it is a very excellent explanation ever come across. As it talks in detail about the cold war, it has made people understand why the northern treat was created, how the cold war was fought. Therefore, in that connection, the explanation on cold war has become more important in the midst people by making to understand the way cold war stopped communism. In that case, it is good to make friendship instead of fighting over power.


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