Free Essay that Analyzes Juan Mata's Blog

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay that Analyzes Juan Mata's Blog
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A blog refers to an online platform that allows a writer to share his/her views on selected subjects, with the latest blog posts showing first. Word press is the most accepted blogging site followed by BlogSpot. An increase in the usage of the internet over the years has led to an increase in blogging due to demand for information. For instance, there were approximately 20 blogs in the year 1999 while currently billions of blogs exist on the internet. A majority of blogs on the internet are authored in English due to its worldwide reach. Sports personalities, musicians, and actors blog on a regular basis to express themselves and update their enthusiasts on what they should be expecting. Juan Mata is one of the personalities that have been blogging on a regular basis to keep in touch with his fans. He is a football player who plays for Manchester United and Spain. Juan Mata's blog is a good example of how pop-cultural text should be used to engage in a larger conversation.

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He has a fascinating way of engaging with his audience. He engages them on a personal level by narrating how good or bad his day has been. He tries to blog regularly, mostly posting content once in a week but on a few occasions writing content twice in the same week. This happens especially when the team is involved in Cup matches midweek. He often writes about how demanding his manager can be, sometimes a war of words emerging between players in the dressing room. This is because it is a big club and a lot is expected from the players, especially the ones who have a huge contract with the club.

On this particular day on February 12, 2018, he had just come from defeat to, Newcastle United, a rival premier league club. The team was going through a tough time, and it was visible from the way he addressed his fans. He describes it as "one of those days that you don't feel in the best mood to update the remember every play, every moment." After writing about the disappointments of the day, both to his fans and himself, he brushes off the painful memories of the day and starts focusing on next game. He goes ahead to reassure his fans that the team is still strong. He also emphasizes that they would come back strongly in the wake of defeat by a bottom table team. The next match for the team would be against Huddersfield. He urges his fans to come out strongly to support the team. He also thanks to the fans who appreciated his efforts on the field during the previous match. The interaction between a popular public figure and his fans always has a way to bring them closer together. The player can explain situations that the team is in and the overall mood of the team which creates an understanding with the player and brings them closer together.

He writes his next blog post a week later. As he had promised his fans, the team came back strong and overcame a challenging opponent in Huddersfield. His engagement with the fans on this particular day shows that he is in a superb mood. He narrates that such games always have a way to erase memories of painful defeats. Winning the game against Huddersfield in the FA Cup pushes his team to the quarterfinals of the tournament. He makes it clear that they were full of confidence despite the pressure that the opponents exerted on them. In the end, they came out successful. He also expresses his disappointment on scoring a goal that was disallowed by the Video Assistant Referee. It was the first time he had a goal disallowed by the use of technology. Despite the disappointment, he emphasizes the importance of focusing on the next match. The match would be against Seville, a team that plays in the Spanish top-flight league. He describes the joy of playing in his home country (Juan Mata 1). It would be another chance to make history if they defeat such a strong team. He also goes further to call on the fans to show support by showing up to cheer their football club.

After the Huddersfield game came the game against Seville. As usual, fans are always eager to see what has been written on the blog. He describes the difficulty of the game and goes ahead to state that he was proud of the way the team performed. He also goes ahead to congratulate his goalkeeper, who was the best player for them on that particular day. He believes that the team could have been messed up if not for his heroic saves during the game. He also apologizes to the fans that were not happy with the performance of the team. There are always bad moments in a team and good moments. This was just one of those moments with mixed reactions. Overall, the result is always what matters, and he seems to be content with the result bearing in mind that it was an away game. He usually closes his remarks with a promise to the readers of his blog that the team would always strive to be better. This time he promises that the team would come back strong on the second leg. His fans seem to have trust in him, bearing in mind the fact that he is among the more dependable players on the team. However, the return leg of the match was still a long way to go, and it was only right to focus on the upcoming match, which is very important to him.

He narrates the importance of the game by reminding his fans that he will be playing against his former club. This is a match against Chelsea football club that he has to win by all means. He also narrates that the match is important because his manager is a former manager of the opponents. Both of them would be seeking to prove to their former employers that they are at a better club. He explains that they can only prove this by defeating their next opponents who also boast of a variety of talented players. The fans identify with him on a personal level, and they know how important the match will be to him. Therefore, many fans vow to be present to support the team. His next blog post is on February 26, 2018. He is elated on the back of a massive win against the team he had promised his fans that he would not disappoint them. The match ended with a win, and he was fast to thank the fans for their support. The fans had come out in large numbers and even clapped back at him in appreciation when he was substituted. He acknowledges the fans for their support and vows that the team will remain committed to excellence.

Overall, Juan Mata's blog post is an excellent example of how a good blog post should engage its readers. Juan matter engages his fans by posting content regularly. He also explains to his fans whenever the team disappoints them with a lousy performance. The bottom line is, a good blog needs to keep in touch with its audience and post relevant content at all times.

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