Essay Sample. Coaching Model Assignment

Published: 2023-01-03
Essay Sample. Coaching Model Assignment
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A handful of organizations perceive coaching as a critical aspect particularly in management and leadership competency. Even though coaching draws on various management competencies and skills, it is not a management skill since it encompasses the entire organization through the practices of human resource management in firms. Coaching is an approach to personal development that focuses on the development and improvement of performance in the workplace. Moreover, coaching models are critical since they aid in the intervention of staff development. This paper will describe various factors such as classifying organization's approach to coaching, delivering recommendations to improve performance on the selected organization and construct practices meant to maximize team-based performance.

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Approach to Coaching

Walmart as a corporation that operates various stores and supermarkets specializing in retail attempts to integrate Managing Coaching Model. The term "managing" could be used in different perceptions; however, it refers to an oversight delivered over another individual. Managing Coaching, on the other hand, is a form of training that revolves around supporting and focusing on employees to maintain that as a manager, the employees are committed to learning new skills as well as handling their responsibilities as expected on them. As a result of the drastically developing competitive environmental in businesses today, particularly in retailer organizations such as Walmart, managing coaching is one of the significant approaches to growing sales and productivity. However, in the understanding of the extent to which managing coaching model has aided in the optimization of Walmart management activities, there are numerous involved occurrences. Walmart is an organization that considers the employee performance vital as well as their management particular in the interaction with the customers. It means that the employee plays a significant in the productivity of the organization as well as deliver a dominant effect on the returns of the company. Since management is a process, it brings about the role of a Managing Coaching Model. According to Kahn (2011), the use of the model as a type of life coaching, the management at Walmart as managed to handle other involved factors and occurrence that could be related to employee performance. Thus, it is evident that the performance management activities are optimized by the Managing Coaching Model which in one way or the other derives a paramount impact on the company. Majorly, organizations may neglect to administer appropriate coaching to employees towards the need for performance improvement since they provide the manager with the mandate to coach employee; however, they fail to provide an important strategy. In coaching, the involved personnel run a continuous process that looks monitoring and analyzing employee performance, delivers both positive and negative reinforcement as well as provide meaningful feedback. The organization is one of the notable examples that are attempting to utilize coaching in ensuring a proper push on optimizing the organization's performance management practices.

Recommendations to Improve Performance

Regardless of the occurrence that requires proper organization performance, it is critical to note that the improvement of performance is fundamental. At the core of the organization's performance management, coaching helps in creating a platform for communication and assists in facilitating the company's objectives. Moreover, for success coaching among employees, the coaching communications are based on the confidentiality and trust of the firm as it helps an individual feel at ease and can quickly provide their input without holding any information. Thus, there is three recommendation of the best practices for manager-coaches that would aid in the improvement of performance in Walmart.

Adequate Preparation and Training of Managers

The development and training of managers in the different departments in the organization are critical aspects that not only seeks to ensure proper management but maximum productivity. Based on the duties and responsibilities of managers to manage other individuals or employees in the company, it is an equally hard task that requires an extensive set of skills. As a result, this creates the need for preparation and training for managers aimed at ensuring that every manager feels motivated and well equipped to perform tasks related to performance management. Majorly, the managers need to understand factors such as human behavior, how to develop, motivate, deal with conflict, and ensure appropriate coaching. A reason for recommending this practice is a result of the fact that it assists in optimizing performance since the managers are well trained and can handle performance management without derailing the productivity of employees. Also, this practice does not only aim at developing a single department in the company but seeks to provide an equally beneficial to the organization as a whole (Gray, 2010).

Automation of Operations with Technology

Today, the markets are changing along with the different business practices that deliver improved performance. Such an occurrence creates the need to shift to the new invention in technology. For instance, going to an On-Demand or Web-Base technology is a significant step in the right direction regardless of organizational size and do not require costly management. With an automatic system, they are capable of ensuring that performance management is developed around efficient, consistent, and productive practices that help the organization. For example, since Walmart is a retailer organization, it means that with the use of automatic features, the level of performance management rises which would equally boost productivity. In justification of this element as it relates to optimizing performance, it aids in developing a proper workplace environment capable of addressing arising issues and performing as expected.

Proper Record Keeping

The practice of appropriate record keeping is a recommendation that would significantly optimize organizational performance. Record keeping is an approach that is essential in every business particularly with the involvement of documents concerning the performance of employees. In most when cases, when there are improper record keeping, there are chances that the company may lose certain information that is essential in improving performance. Through adequate documentation, it means that managers and the organization management can access performance logs where managers can view and complete employee appraisals among other occurrences that are essential in performance management. As a practice to improve the current organizational performance particularly with the involvement in manager-coaches, this practice is intended to ensure that the employees perform their duties as expected. Also, this element related to optimizing performance whereby managers can utilize it in various ways to ensure that the management not only has information but can use the information anytime as required. Thus, a recommendation that would provide the improvement of performance (Kahn, 2011).

Best Practices for Maximum Team-Based Performance

In every workplace, the management is interested in tapping and maximizing the full potential of employees as they seek to meet performance. However, one of the most effective ways to ensure maximum productivity revolves around teamwork. Teams can be significantly helpful in achieving organizational goals, but it is essential to understand that they could render difficulties if mismanaged. Therefore, there are numerous ways for maximum team-based performance (Yang & Ok Choi, 2009).

Setting individual differences aside

Within every team operation, individuals have their difference among other events that could lead to conflict. For a team to remain functional and productive in working towards the organizational goal which includes maximum productivity, team members need to set their differences aside. In this practice, it delivers that not every team member might agree with the team decisions; thus, they ought to work together since every team member is responsible for the outcomes regardless of whether they agreed or not.

Practice developing consensus

The consensus in critical in team-based performance senses the members have to establish a single decision based on different thoughts and opinions. Thus, the team ought to practice developing consensus to ensure that the team member could at times make compromises at the expense of the organization. Through training, this could assist in attaining the overall vision of the organization since it improves decision making in teams.

Engage teams to make significant decisions

In most organizations, teams do not feel like a part of the organization particularly in the decision-making process since they are never engaged. The most-effective teams feel like a part of the organization since they are involved in the decision-making process in significant decisions about the organization. It gives them the opportunity and ability to deliver their full potential in developing the company which is an aspect that promotes the realization of the organization goals and vision.

Collaboration between teams and management

Team-based performance is reliant on the administration since management must ensure that teams handle their operations and duties as expected. Thus, a sense of conflict between the team and the management could negatively affect the company while a proper collaboration between the teams and management can promote performance. Thus, realizing the vision of the organization.

Positive reinforcement

In every team, there are the most productive members and others that do not ensure efficient collaboration. Therefore, to ensure that team-based performance is maintained, positive reinforcement is significant since it helps ensure that in cases where a team delivers an obligation as required, they are rewarded and the most effective team player is recognized as well. Through positive reinforcement, it could aid in aligning with the organization vision and goals by developing a culture of competition and productivity.

In conclusion, it critical to understand that managing coaching can assist in pulling out of new ideas, providing reliable information, as well as helping the management to maximize productivity in the workplace. Furthermore, training and optimization of performance management help in bridging the gap between organizational goals and performance. By implementing the recommendation, they will boost productivity and ensure proper development in Walmart by raising the sales.


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