Cultural Differences in Decision-Making, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-19
Cultural Differences in Decision-Making, Free Essay Sample
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For the efficient running of a company, it is essential to maintain its right image in society. It has made me be accountable and mark every step that it violates the human rights. Good relation with my partnering companies is on the same note necessary. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that to maintain the proper relationship, however, will be at the expense of violating human rights or on the same case being involved in malpractices.

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I will ensure that I solve the issue in a way that I do not interfere with our partnership. Norms vary from one region to the other. Legal measures might not apply to the other companies which evidently it's ethical on their side. A good test is that by which I will compare which norms they have, how useful they can be if they are adjusted. Some human rights are universal across the board. From this, I will enforce legal measures.

Nevertheless, these cultural norms entail the behavior patterns which can be observed in a given company. They can involve beliefs or values which are planted in most cases when a company starts. I have to take care of the practices which portray a picture of the ethics. My success begins with good care of the surrounding. Considering the market needs, I will also add up by educating and informing my partners on the dangers and disadvantages. Although it is not guaranteed that all the people will consider my advice. Some will be well conversant and will remember

Ethical norms are not written and are passed from one generation to another in many instances. In financial problems and misconducts, I will try and help them adopt the commercial culture in my company. Where funds are embezzled, every single coin will be put into an account. Gross misconduct will enhance the use of legal means.

If at all there were no agreements which were made before our partnership, I will ensure that I put them in place. Formulating new policies will ensure that nobody will violate anyone's rights. There will be a boundary that will govern both the interested companies which will also consider their rights. Some policies which cannot be changed from their side will, however, be adopted in our company. My company cultural norms can be made public and

In cases where my company's publicity has been damaged, I will ensure new implementation to get back the real and apparent image. My partnership with these companies will not end, they contribute much to my operation. Due to this, however, the community should understand how respective these companies are. To weigh on the gains and unethical violation, we get more profits, and they help sustain our socio-economic status. On the same note, we will not condone abuse of our people at the expense of economic gain.

Through this, I will try my best to let both the two entities understand each other better. Considering the financial illegalities that they engage in, my company will include a committee from my side and their side to sit and get solutions. These solutions will harm both my company and the partners' companies. With a collective responsibility, the committee will give answers which they know can fit them best. Laws will be implemented in case one goes overboard. When adjusting to the new policies which will accommodate both cultures, they will be put in place slowly. It will give room for every person to adapt and to be well conversant.

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