Essay Example: Importance of Critical Thinking Skills in Sexuality

Published: 2018-02-15
Essay Example: Importance of Critical Thinking Skills in Sexuality
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Critical thinking application

Critical thinking skills are applied in various niches of life. The major critical thinking skills include; analysis, interpretation, inference, evaluation, explanation, and self-regulation. Critical thinking skills help students in dealing with daily situations with greater ease and responsibility enabling them in becoming professionals in their careers. It is a requirement for students to develop these skills in their studies to enhance a better understanding of what they are learning. Students can foster critical thinking skills through inquiry, questioning, problem-solving and collaboration. Development of critical thinking skills on sexuality issues will provide rational discourse and objective study among the students. The discussion addresses the importance of critical thinking skills in studying the controversial issues of sexuality.

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The foremost facet of critical thinking is to help students with critical thinking skills that are essential in everyday life; this skill includes; problem identification, then a diagnosis of the problem, followed by exploration, action to be taken and reflection on the action taken. For instance, interpretation will enable students to understand the information presented to them in various situations and develop the ability to communicate their understanding of the information to others, this will enable a student to decipher the issues of sexuality which not only encompasses sex but different aspects such as sexual identity (gender), sexual behavior and sexual orientation.

Critical thinking skills help student studying sexuality to develop strategies in dealing with fears, desires, behaviors, and thoughts in their daily live encounters. Teaching of sexuality allow students to express and questions their feelings, and thoughts within the confines of their classroom, thus offering them an opportunity of developing their critical skills such as learning how to listen to one another, more importantly is equipping them with right knowledge and understanding of sexuality thus offering rational discourse and life objectivity.

Understanding critical thinking

Understanding the key aspects of critical thinking by the students will help them make a good understanding, decision, and judgment while studying issues relating to sexuality. It gives them a whole picture of what sexuality entails, both positivity and negativity aspect, its importance in the society, and applications. It helps them to be focused (paying attention) and likely to depict cognitive reasoning, high levels of creativity and divergent thinking within their study. When students critically think about sexuality, it will enable them to provide solutions to matters relating to sexuality in the workplace such as gender discrimination and inequality.

Thinking critically about sexual matters is crucial in decision making on sexuality, and in defending one’s opinion on sexuality, for instance, understanding that engaging in unprotected sex can result in pregnancy or diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections.

In conclusion, development of critical thinking skills is essential in providing learning outcomes. Sexuality is a controversial issue which students learn and discuss widely helping them become informed and more active in participating in debates, however, critical thinking skills are developed in the student’s lifetime and influence success in one’s career. It is crucial for tutors to ensure they nurture students in developing critical thinking skills in building professionals in various fields of work. The ability to think critically can be considered as an important skill in everyday life.

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