Free Essay Sample - Clinical Rotation Research

Published: 2019-11-04
Free Essay Sample - Clinical Rotation Research
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The major objective for a clinical rotation in exposure purposes is to integrate practical skills. Since there has to be a mentor who supervises a nurse and a nursing assistant, the challenge is that the mentor experiences an added responsibility of helping the learning nurses to attain their goals. However, such liability comes at the expense of quality patient care. With the health care system experiencing a shortage of workforce, the supervisors will be overworked and fatigued thus resulting to providing low-quality services to patients. Also, there is a concentration of primary services in outpatient clinical areas. However, with the overwhelming influx of patients, the chances are that nurses and nurse assistances may resort to providing such services to outpatients. Such step is most likely to put patients at risk due to the wrong diagnosis. Moreover, though the intention is to provide exposure to these nurses, the risk is that, by rotating them from one out -patient clinical area to another, they are unlikely going to adapt to their working environment. Hence, with the lack of adaptability, there will be low productivity due to the time taken to understand the new working conditions. Therefore, the risks involved are poor patients care due to added responsibilities on senior health personnel, fatigue, poor diagnosis and lack of adaptability in every outpatient clinical area they are exposed to work.

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To contain patient risks involved in staff rotations, a health organisation must provide fully enough trained support staff to reduce the burden of supervising these nurses and nurse assistants. Also, is to have competent staff who can facilitate the learning if the nurses and nurse assistants. Secondly, the staffing rotation from one outpatient clinical area to another should not be done at short intervals. The approach will help increase the level of adaptability in every clinical area they are posted thus increasing their productivity in those areas.

In conclusion, though there is the need for nurse rotation to improve nurses practical skills, knowledge and professional attitude, there are risks involved in such process. Notably are the patient risks. For instance, the supervising staff is often added responsibility. More responsibilities on the supervising staff will likely lead to fatigue thus reducing their productivity, which results in low-quality patient care. Due to an influx of patients at the outpatient clinical areas, such nurses may get involve in providing primary care through the wrong diagnosis hence putting patients at risk. Finally, frequent staff rotation hinders staff adaptability to their areas of working hence resulting in lowering patient care as compared to when working within areas they have adapted to.

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