Free Essay on Tensions Among Family Members on Family Celebration

Published: 2019-06-06
Free Essay on Tensions Among Family Members on Family Celebration
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Celebrations in many homes come with great jubilation, joy, love and friendship. However, celebrations can be a source of worry, conflict and family tension. During celebrations things do not always turn out merrily, sometimes they become messy and ending up to cause unnecessary strain and tension to the celebrants and the host of the celebrations. Factually, many research have demonstrated that millions of people suffer from increased tension and stress during holidays and celebration (, 2014).

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During family celebrations, personal and social expectations have been a chief source of tension. The holiday and celebrations of the family often oblige the celebrants to be happy, although on these occasions not everyone is happy (Nawijn, 2010). The expectation of the family for all people to be happy piles pressure and tension upon some individuals who reasons known to them are not in a celebratory mood. To handle such tension it is imperative that you acknowledge how you feel and reach out to other family members who can offer help. However, if the reason for your sadness is because of the loss of someone close you might try in vain inject a sense of happiness in your person. The reason is that you will be constantly reminded of the person by memories and objects in the house.

Tension during family celebrations also arises from piling someone with many responsibilities. When you take on too much work during holidays, you will have an incessant pressure of finishing the work so that our can enjoy yourself as others are doing. To avoid this kind of tension, you should cease from adjudicating yourself with a lot of work and seek help from your family members or hire professionals to do the job for you (, 2014). The result will be that you will create more time for yourself to enjoy the celebrations and have less to worry about. The barrier to reducing your pressure on responsibilities could be that you have non-committal family members unwilling to offer helping hand thus you are left with all the responsibilities to handle by yourself.

Often, at family celebrations, the hosts require his visitors to behave in a particular manner that is modest and socially responsible. When the visitors do not conform, it is a common source of tension (Nawijn, 2010). The host is dangling with the idea of forcing the offending parties out of the house or overlook their character. Scenarios like these cause too much worry and tension in the family (, 2014). Some members will be offended and urge you to throw the individuals out while others will conservatively implore to look through their deeds because they are still family members. To avoid such one may opt not to invite relatives who potentially can be raucous and offensive. However, doing these can damage the association between the host and the uninvited relatives.

The most frequent source of tension is due to financial strain. Relatives expect celebrations with kinds of treats. Copious amount of alcohol and a variety of delicious food are things you are supposed to avail during a celebration If you are not financially capable you will feel the pressure of sourcing for the money to finance the party. To avoid this one can communicate to the relatives about his situation and ask them to chip in or summarily postpone the celebrations until such a time you will be financially capable of hosting the celebrations. The downside to postponing the celebrations is that other relatives will not be particularly happy, and they may be mad at you.


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