Learn More about Preschoolers and Nutrition in Our Essay

Published: 2018-09-14
Learn More about Preschoolers and Nutrition in Our Essay
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Nutrition research

Preschoolers are a great way to explore nutrition. How young children conduct themselves is provide a very interesting way to learn about various aspects of nutrition. I booked an appointment with a school so as to keenly analyze them based on the food they take and also general hygiene. I arrived at 11 am at the kindergarten. The students were required to follow instructions given by their teachers very keenly. For example all the preschoolers were required to line up after washing their hands. The teachers corrected the students every time they failed to follow instructions.

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The sitting arrangements for the children was organized in such a manner that four children sat around a table. They were required to listen to the teacher keenly without doing anything else. This strong stance taken by the teachers against the children is very useful since it instilled the highest level of discipline on these young minds. Before and after taking meals for example, the children were expected to wash their hands using soap and clean water. They were also directed on how to clean the serving tables. The food taken by the preschoolers consisted a balanced diet. For example they were served freshly cooked vegetables, meat, rice, soup and fruits. This represented a traditional Chinese serving which is very essential for proper nutrition among young children. The children were given a one hour lunch break and were expected to finish all the food they were served. However, this is not a very healthy way since forcing food on children can bring complications such as constipation or even vomiting. I noticed that several children did not take there lunch but only took the dessert. The reason behind this is that parents allow their children to take a lot of snacks while they are at home. This is not healthy. However, teachers should consider every child independently when serving them thus gauging their appetite. This can help to advice parents on how to feed the children

The children had an indoor playground and were occasionally let out to bask on the sun. This is very important in that it ensures the safety of the children. However they should be given ample time to stay outside in refreshing air and sunlight so as to strengthen their lungs and bones.

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