Celebrities' Bad Influence on Society - Annotated Bibliography Example

Published: 2022-03-03
Celebrities' Bad Influence on Society - Annotated Bibliography Example
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McNeil, R. (2017). Celebrity endorsements: stop buying the stuff that famous people are selling you. Retrieved from http://theplaidzebra.com/celebrity-endorsements-stop-buying-the-stuff-that-they-are-selling-you/

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This article describes how most celebrity endorsements are just a money grab. The author gives an example of how female celebrities have been promotion items like, "fit teas" and waist trainers" which seem like easy and quick fixes weight loss items. The author further asserts that the fit tea is just a laxative while the waist trainer is not even medically recommended. The celebrities only endorse such products to increase their wealth. This is written for people with little knowledge and who wish a celebrity's "reality" was their own. This website delves into the reasons why celebrities are overpaid without putting in the work and have such a negative impact.

Stibel, J. (2017). Here's why you can't resist celebrity endorsements. Retrieved from https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/columnist/2017/11/03/brain-science-heres-why-you-cant-resist-celebrity-endorsements/827171001/

Stibel, J reports on how celebrities promote products, but in reality, they are just being paid by the company so that the company can make more sales. His reasoning is based on studies that endorsements are big business. According to research by Harvard Business School Professor Anita Elberse and Barclays Capital analyst Jeroen Verleun, a celebrity endorsement increases a company's sales at an average of 0.4% as compared to its competitors. This article gives findings that are valuable to the society. It shows celebrities' negative impact on the community in encouraging people to overspend on brands and products that they do not whatsoever need.

Brown, K. (2015). The big bad world of products celebrities promote on Instagram.

Retrieved from https://jezebel.com/the-big-bad-world-of-products-celebrities-promote-on-in-1710470780

An experienced journalist is aware that current advertising trends condition us to be susceptible to celebrity tactics of marketing products. The writer is forthcoming about how some of these endorsements do not better our lives and may eventually cause disappointments. She outlines a useful wake-up call to people that these do not better our lives but help the celebrities gain more money and get a bigger following. Her reason is based on studies that most of the products are questionable but, celebrities don't mind since they enjoy making quick money.

Esangbedo, R. (2011). The impact of celebrity endorsements on the buying behavior of rowan university students age 18-24.

This article contains a general overview of who benefits from celebrity endorsements.

The author sought to determine the effects of celebrity endorsements on the buying decisions of consumers. The author aimed to gain insight into the impact of these brands. The conclusion of this study is that a high percentage of the society would try a product promoted by an attractive celebrity whether the product is useful, expensive or not. This offers context for analyzing how and why young people imitate celebrity's bad behaviors.

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