Essay Sample on Cause and Effect of Cigarette Smoking

Published: 2023-02-15
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Smoking of cigarette is one of the practices that have been linked to many harms than good. Some of the effects of tobacco are respiratory diseases, cancer, and deterioration of the health of smokers, among other effects. Other serious implications of cigarette smoking are asthma, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer, which are detrimental to both the users, unborn babies, and passive smokers. Studies have revealed that it is possible to reduce the risk of contracting diseases that are cigarette-smoking related on top of adding some years to one's life if one quits smoking early. Some of the possible causes of smoking are a pleasure, stress relief, and peer pressure. Due to excessive cigarette smoking in society, there has been an increase in numerous health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and cancer, among others.

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Smoking is a vice that has caused numerous deaths around the world. Some of the causes of smoking include peer pressure and the desire to make the users feel more mature, masculine, or feminine. Most of the smokers have confessed the reasons they started to smoke was to make them fit in or feel good about themselves. Others began as teenagers, and it was a way of showing defiance to their parents and society. Peer pressure and the influence of friends has also been linked to causing many people to practice cigarette smoking. The influence of peers is the leading cause of the continued increase in cigarette smoking, which has led to unrelenting addition to the users, hence making it difficult to quit (McCabe et al., 228)

Advertisements have also been a leading cause of smoking. Adverts cause psychological excitement that makes people or the audience want to try the advertised products. The images used by the tobacco firms are exciting, adventurous, and attractive. These companies have mastered the art of getting the users, especially the young, hooked to the practice. They use their perceived "heroes," which causes them to want to be more like them. These companies sponsor concerts, sports, art, and fashion, which, as a result, influences people to be part of the brand.

Cigarette smoking causes susceptibility to adaptive and innate immunity, which, as a result, causes various diseases. In a study conducted by Qiu et al. (280) to review the influence of smoking on the immune system gave frightening results. The results obtained from the study revealed that smoking played a harmful role in the immune system of an individual, hence weakening their immunity and attracting various diseases as a result of reduced defense. A weakened immunity usually causes persistent chronic illnesses. People should avert such situations by avoiding the use of cigarettes.

Smoking is among the leading causes of death globally, accounting for about 6 million deaths annually. The number is expected to rise to 8 million annually with a continued trend. It was estimated that by 2015, the number of smokers was about 1.1 billion (Khalil et al.). In this study, cigarette smoking was said to cause rapid deterioration of the glomerular filtration rate. As a result, it increased the risk of transplantation of the kidney to both the recipients and the donors. Most of the smokers experience a preoperative complication, high mortality of the recipients, and infections in the wound. The smoke from cigarettes leads to the reduction in graft and patient survival as a result of increased cardiovascular events.

Effects of tobacco smoking are many ranging from the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and effects on reproduction, among others. According to Onor et al., smoking is the leading preventable cause of cancer-related deaths (1147). Estimates show that smoking alone accounts for 30 % of the deaths that are linked with cancer. Continued use of the substance causes gene mutation and DNA damage in humans due to the carcinogens that are contained in the cigarettes. These studies have established a causal relationship between lung cancer and tobacco (Onor et al. 1147).

Cardiovascular diseases are on the rise around the world due to the existence of a causal relationship between cardiovascular events and smoking. Cigarette smoking is said to cause a decreased supply of myocardial blood and oxygen, prothrombotic effects, altered lipid metabolism, inflammation, insulin resistance, and endothelial dysfunction. According to Onor et al., smoking, both active and passive, accounts for about 194,000 deaths in the US due to cardiovascular diseases. Stroke, aortic aneurysm, coronary heart disease, and peripheral arterial disease are some of the illnesses that result from exposure to passive or active smoking.

Smoking is linked with the emergence of chronic pulmonary diseases as well as adverse effects on reproductive health. COPD's in the US are primarily caused by smoking. The consumed cause abnormality in the functioning of the lungs and injury. It also increases the risk of developing and dying of TB. Additionally, maternal cigarette results in many abnormalities, such as low birth weight in the fetus due to oxygen deprivation. Premature births, infant death syndrome, and decreased fertility are some of the effects of the toxins that are found in cigarette smoke. Erectile dysfunction has also been linked with excessive tobacco consumption.

In conclusion, while excessive cigarette smoking in society may have been caused by peer pressure, adverts, and deviance, the resulting health effects, such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and cancer, among others are on the rise causing deaths. Cigarette companies have succeeded in luring many youths to using these products discrediting the health effects caused. Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disease, and reproductive effects, to name a few are major effects of smoking that need to be addressed.

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