Essay Example on the Marketing Platforms Etsy and Happy Marketer

Published: 2022-04-14
Essay Example on the Marketing Platforms Etsy and Happy Marketer
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With the continuous advancement in production systems, export and import options, as well as digital communication, marketers have adopted dealing in cheap, mass-produced items and goods. Hence, because of this, new consumer culture is cropping whereby businesses and consumers are demanding cheaply made goods. Resulting products offered in the market are standard and of low cost. It is this new market behavior that Etsy capitalized on to achieve its success. The company provides an online platform and mobile application, which allows customers and firms to buy and sell quality products.

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Besides, the firm operates as a peer-to-peer business, targeting the young upper-class buyers. Over the years, Etsy has managed to create markets where they never existed by providing an online market to the interested buyers. Customers can browse a variety of items and goods like the handmade jewelry, clothing, furniture, and toys among others (Hawkins, 2016). The company primarily emphasizes uniqueness, sustainability, and craftsmanship. These factors play a significant role in the success of Etsy. Another dynamic that has led to the success of Etsy is the company's choice to become a certified B-Corp company (B Lab [1], 2016). This helps to accredit the firm as a value-oriented business, in turn attracting more customers.

That said, Happy Marketer is another business that uses the digital platform to market goods and items. However, unlike Etsy, this company has been experiencing some challenges regarding selling its products. Happy Marketer, a Singapore-based marketing agency was creating content around online marketing but were unable to reach their target market effectively. Consequently, the company was not able to produce the high-quality leads it required. It also had difficulties optimizing its marketing strategies and content. Happy Marketer's inbound marketing strategy was failing. They were using many tools to achieve their leads without an effective plan to integrate them realize the prospect's interactions across various networks. Some of the tools include Mail Chimp, Moz and Google Analytics.

The solution to this challenge lies with the digital technical team of the company. They should cooperate with the prospects in re-arranging their services and training (Palmer, & Koenig-Lewis, 2009). The team is to come up with a viable inbound marketing methodology that enables a consistent, personalized experience for their prospects. Apart from that, they could also leverage a third party review site to help them in decision making.


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