Personal Essay Example: My Dream Job

Published: 2019-09-04
Personal Essay Example: My Dream Job
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When I was young, I could not understand the operational principles of businesses; however, much grownups could try to explain them to me. For instance, I kept wondering why did the companies within my hometown vary in their features such as sizes and products, yet they all had a common objective of making profits. Any new idea that I found out each day enhanced my curiosity concerning the ways in which businesses work which led the development of interest into the field. Although I tried to balance all the subjects and thus performed well at the elementary and high school level, I always aimed to expound my knowledge in business. When I got in college, I majored in economics and statistics which qualified me to become a financial analyst, my dream career. However, after college, I could not secure such a position and so I settled temporarily for an accountant position.

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Since the aim of any business is to make profits and expand, finance analysis can be considered to be at the core of the firms operation. The assumption is supported by the fact that financial analysts control all the sales i.e. they predict the market and formulate marketing strategies that will allow the business to adapt to the changing business environment. Unlike other business careers such as accountancy, where employees often wait for orders from the managers, financial analysts rarely work under supervision. Therefore, they can make decisions by exchanging ideas, selecting the best and evaluating the credibility of each to reach final decisions which will eventually get implemented. I find such a feature fascinating as I can be more productive when executing a task willingly than under someones orders.

Although I have not received any complaints from my superiors I often feel like my potential is under-explored in my current job. Most of the tasks that am given seem to have been assigned unreasonably long time reducing my working hours by a significant percentage. Since I cannot leave work early or find some more obligations, am forced to work at a slower pace than I would have preferred. The boredom that I undergo each day makes me long for the times when I will be expected to solve the companys financial issues, discuss marketing matters, explain analytical findings to the managers and utilize my IT skills to reduce the firms financial uncertainties.

Other than having a busy day carrying out interesting tasks, financial management will allow me to meet and work with different people from time to time due to the increased working hours and business meetings. I will gain more knowledge regarding business operations especially the segment of marketing from the multiple interactions I will be making as analysts. Other than the appealing work conditions, I will be able to earn more in my dream job which not only improves the living standards but also provides a platform to divert into any other business career in future. For example, High salary can provide capital that can be used to set up a business, which I will have to manage. Despite the existence of a little difference between accountancy and financial analysis, I always find a no routine job more attractive compared to that which involves standard roles such as accountancy. Such a feature does not make accountancy less important in an organization setting; thus, I cannot categorize it as being inferior compared to finance analysis. However, my dreams often make financial analysis appear more captivating than any other career.

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