Essay Sample on Freeholders Meeting

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Sample on Freeholders Meeting
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Freeholders meeting is a public meeting held twice every month by the Board of Selected freeholders of the Warren County who meet in the offices in Wayne Dumont, Jr. Admin Building, Belvidere, New Jersey. The convention in which and forty (40) members of the public were present together with the members of the freeholders' group like Freeholders Richard Gardner, Jason Sarnoski and Edward Smith was summoned to order by Director Smith. There was also attendance from other county officials like Bill Gleba, the County Engineer, CFO Dan Olshefski, Joseph Bell who is the County Counsel together with Steve Marvin who is the County Administrator. The freeholders meeting commenced consequent to the reading of pledge of loyalty by Director Smith.

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Some of the issues brought up at the meeting included the inquiry regarding the grant application which was brought up by Aoron Hyndman to NJ Transit to which Mr. Smith responded that there was a full resolution that was available even though it was just an application for funds from the federal government to subsidize the transit system. A copy of the decision was then presented to Mr. Hyndman. Michael Grossman also inquired about the agenda of the demolition of repetitive flood loss properties and asked whether the properties were owned by the county or private institutions or a combination of the two forms of ownership. Mr. Smith responded to the inquiry that the properties were privately owned and that was federal money on which Warren County was the lead agency. On the same concern by Mr. Grossman, the Public Safety Director Frank Wheatley added that Warren County had been awarded a federal grant together with Hunterdon County to demolish the structures that were affected by severe and monotonous flooding. Mr. Marvin finalized on the issue that the municipalities would take ownership of the properties after they are cleared out.

Amongst the members of the governing body, there was no nurse or health professional but though some health issues were raised and resolutions were made regarding these issues. One of the health issues that was built on motion by Mr. Sarnoski, supported by Mr. Gardner was on the postponement of contract WC1654C Healthcare Management Services for Warren County correctional center for the period of 1st November, 2018 through 31st October, 2019 for the third and entirely the last year of a three year agreement as delivered by the local public contract law 40A:11-15(29) to CFG health systems, LLC in the approximate amount of $1,479,410.66. Regarding this concern, it was decided that Warren County Contract WC1654C for Healthcare Management Services for the Warren County Correctional Center was prolonged for the third and final year of a three-year contract as provided by the Local Public Contract Law 40A:11-15(29). The deal was extended for the timeframe of 1st November 2018 through 31st October 2019 to the CFH Health Systems, LLC, Marlton, New Jersey in the amount of $ 123,284.22 per month and $1, 479,410.66 yearly according to their bid submitted on 13th September 2016. I support this resolution because the finance for the agreement had been catered for in the budget account 012800/5093-Correctional Center for Medical Expenses, including Physicals.

Another issue that was resolved in the meeting is the concern of reward of contract WC1863R for the Warren County Freeholders for employees reimbursement protection and multi-line assurance for the County of Warren and the Warren County mosquito termination commission for the duration of January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019, to the New Jersey Intergovernmental Insurance Fund for an amount not exceeding $1, 737,848.00. However, it was suggested that the county to offer a deal for Workers Compensation Insurance and Multi-line Insurance Services as defined in the suggestion and also, the local Public Contracts law (N.J.S.A 40A:11-5(1)(a) et.seq.) demands a determination that authorizes the reward of agreements for "Extraordinary, Unspecifiable Services" without modest bids and the deal itself must be accessible for public scrutiny. Although, the director of procurement has ascertained that it meets the decree and guidelines governing the reward of said agreements.

However, in regards to this concern, it was determined by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Warren County that the Principal of Purchasing was sanctioned and directed to issue a contract to New Jersey Intergovernmental Insurance Fund Services for the project of mosquito extermination at a cost not more than $1,737,848.00 per letter of agreement which is on file in the Workplace of the Director of Procurement and is made a part by reference. Also, the board resolved that the contract was granted without modest bidding as an "Extraordinary, Unspecifiable Service" in accordance with N.J.S.A 40A:11-5(1)(a) of the Local Public Contracts Regulation for the reason that the facilities defined could not be reasonably determined by transcribed specification to guarantee the qualitative and measurable valuation of the problems complicated which demanded proficiency, widespread training and proven repute in the field of exertion were acquired. Finally, the board resolved that a notice of the action would be printed in the Star Ledger. I concur with this resolution because its funding is valid and delivered in the budget accounts 012100/5090 Property and Casualty Insurance and 012150/5090- County Insurance Workers Comp, and ascertained by the Chief Financial Officer.

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