Free Essay: Plans for the Youths Ministry to Solve the Assimilation Problem

Published: 2022-08-01
Free Essay: Plans for the Youths Ministry to Solve the Assimilation Problem
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Charlie Yong - Delegation of duties

My position as a youth minister has helped me grow as a Christian and offer help to my colleagues. There are a few members of my group that have problems assimilating and taking orders. The individuals from my observation are lacking certain skills or are suffering from low self-esteem. There are also a few of them who are not honest and do not want to own up to their mistakes.

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Additionally, there are people who are having a hard time communicating and passing their message across. I also found there was a challenge especially in people who are motivated or inspired to do certain things. Apart from lack of communication skills and lack of motivation, there were some group members who lacked accountability and are having a hard time making decisions on their own. Finally, I discovered some people did not like being delegated duties while others lacked creativity and confidence.

Plans for the Youths Ministry to solve the Problem

There are several steps and methods that I would use as a team leader to help the individuals that are having difficulties to assimilate.

As a Christian leader, I would encourage my followers to be honest and have integrity in whatever they are doing. Just like Galatians 6 chapter 9 says, we should not become weary of doing good because we shall reap what we harvest (Galatians 6:9, The New King James Version). Those people in the group having a hard time being honest can practice with their fellow colleagues the art of honesty. I would also show them that my leadership does not judge but is open to all and people do not have to lie or be dishonest when dealing with me. It would also be critical to point out how dishonest and lack of integrity affects other people.

Commitment and passion are also a critical component of a person's growth. Since I have noticed some people who lack commitment and passion in whatever they are doing, I realized something has to be done to make it easy to work with such individuals. The method that I would use is to sit down with them and find out why they are not passionate about whatever they are doing. I would then sit down with them and address the root cause of the problem without blaming them but showing them how they can improve themselves and start caring about their work.

There are also people who are faced with communication challenges and can not express themselves. Such individuals are either shy or do not feel confident about what they are about to say. Such a group would be helped by encouraging them to talk especially in front of people. I would help these people by giving them assignments with groups members as a way of making them feel comfortable and encouraging their communication skills as they discuss issues with other group members. Practicing discussions and debates will make such people used to talk which will, in turn, improve their communication skills.

Although some people may not realize their weakness, it is important for a Christian leader to help them understand and overcome their weakness harvest (Ecclesiastes 1:18, The New King James Version). The people with challenges when making decisions fall under this group of people. As a Christian leader, I would help these people by giving them duties that would provide them opportunities to come up with ideas and solutions to solve certain problems. The practices will act as a way of making them understand they are capable of making decisions and solving problems without supervision.

A good leader should be accountable and should also encourage his/her followers to follow in his/her footsteps. I have noticed that several people have a problem with being accountable. There are ways to address this issue and ensure these individuals change their ways. First I would sit down with them and show them how the lack of accountability affects them and the people around them. It would also be essential to read to them the word of God and show them how a Christian should conduct him/herself.

A good leader should also be able to delegate duties to his followers as a way of making them a part of an organization. It is essential to humble ourselves before the lord and help our fellow men (James 4:10, The New King James Version) The people who are delegated duties feel empowered and appreciated because of the trust that a leader shows. Those individuals who do not like getting duties could be suffering from low self-esteem. My duty as a Christian leader would be to encourage them to take more work and show them whatever they are doing is appreciated. If one makes a mistake, I would work with them to address the issue without making them feel inadequate


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