Child Development Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-30
Child Development Essay Example
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Social studies provide an integrative approach to understanding early childhood through a provision of features that focus on fundamental aspects in the life of a child. The study focuses on the child, community, family and the world and links these facets to a childs development. For a child to become a progressive member of the community in future, their development has to provide the knowledge needed, attitudes and skills that they will need in future. This is because even as they grow, their participation in life is already in motion as witnessed by the functions of minor democracies they experience in their school, community, neighborhood, and family settings. Todays children are more exposed and aware of the environment around them due to aspects such as technological advancements and globalization. In this way, it is important for an early childhood educator to play the role of mentor and nurturer in order to instill the correct values in children they are entrusted to. Play being a central way through which children learn should be structured in a manner that encourages expression, creativity and instills values.

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It is thus important for an early childhood educator to understand the concept of play and the stages of development children go through and how they form perceptions as they try to make sense of the world around them. Dramatic play plays a basic role in a childs development as related to social studies. In this way, an educator should strive to provide the right environment for children in dramatic play such as the provision of unstructured time, sufficient space, and materials. Through dramatic play, an educator can encourage self-sufficiency in a child, tolerance, and effectiveness as they prepare them for future responsibility as progressive members of the community.


The concepts advanced by the chapters form a good basis on which to play a role in shaping a child as an early childhood educator. For instance, the fact that social studies need to be experienced by the child in their everyday environment such as in play. Through dramatic play, an educator can integrate aspects that help shave the values of a child. Aspects such as Christian values can be incorporated into a childs play environment to enable them to learn the core norms associated with being a morally upright Christian in the society. As they learn about their environment, the community around them, and the world, children can be helped to develop and instill in themselves moral aspects as taught in the bible. Dramatic play in children entails an imaginary or pretend world, which can serve as a good avenue of teaching children responsibility and a Christian way of life. For instance, they can play pretend games centered on heaven as a place. In this respect, an educator can let the imaginations of children come into play through depictions of major biblical characters and moral values that are advanced through the bible. Through play, they can also be taught how to interact with one another in a manner acceptable in society and based on biblical teachings. An early childhood educator should also work to provide a stimulating environment for the child to stir their creativity in a structured manner. Being that children imitate what they are constantly exposed to and what adults around them do, it is important to act in a manner that helps the childs development of virtues and morals.

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