Desiree's Baby Response Paper, Free Sample for You

Published: 2022-09-12
Desiree's Baby Response Paper, Free Sample for You
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Armand is a male protagonist who tries to put off a memory of his son and Desiree his wife. Armand's bonfire is represented by his quest to start over and forget his past. The elements of symbolism that portray the urge of Armand to act forget his son and wife include discussing the title of the piece, "Desiree Baby" portraying that Armand paid no attention to his son nor wife. Armand used racist words to portray that he hated the white race. For instance, he said, "as white as La Blanche's" before he left Desiree alone with his son (Chopin et al. n. p.). Racism is also implicated by Armand by the type of slaves that he was owning. Slaves were associated with a lighter color thus proving the extent of racism that Armand associated himself with.

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According to Desiree, Armand loved her even though she desperately fell in love with him. She even said that whenever Armand sneezed, she trembled but still loved him. It is said that "Armand's dark and handsome face was never disfigured by frowns" since he fell in love with Desiree (Chopin et al. n. p.). Desiree also outlined that Armand was very comfortable with the baby boy until when the baby was three months. Indeed, things changed for worse when the baby was about three months to the extent that Desiree could not be able to question.

Armand suddenly changed for worse to the point of neglecting Desiree and his son at a tender age. Fading love was evident in Armand's averted eyes. Love sight was seen to have been lost since Armand could absent himself from home intentionally. The aspect of avoiding the sight of Desiree and his son portrayed clearly that Armand had drifted away from the love of his life and his son. It is evident that Armand forsook desperate love that Desiree had to Armand due to the inherent hatred that Armand has on the white race. From his behavior, while dealing with slaves, as it was outlined that "a satanic spirit was suddenly taking hold of Armand when he was dealing with the slaves" it can be concluded that Armand was carried away by his hatred for the Whites (Chopin et al. n. p.). Additionally, Desiree portrayed to be miserable for the love of Armand amid airing the fact that feminism was not at the forefront to enhance self-esteem among women.

Armand portrayed to be inhuman enough not to hear the voice of Desiree that showed how she was desperately in need of his attention. From the line "she called him in an intonation that must have stabbed Armand" show that Armand was inhuman towards Desiree due to her race (Chopin et al. n. p.). Desiree also cried out to Armand to "look at their son," but he could not utter a word of comfort in any way (Chopin et al. n. p.). Desiree "cried despairingly" by asking Armand to tell him what all he was doing on her meant but he uttered no answer.

In summation, Desiree's Baby is a masterpiece that portrays the extent of the lack of humanity based on racial hatred. The aspect of having Whites as slaves proved that Armand hated the White race. On the other hand, Armand neglected his wife and son even though Desiree loved him unconditionally. The theme of hate is highly portrayed in from the way Armand handles his wife and his innocent son.

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