English Composition Assignment: Victorian and Modernist Literature. Free Essay

Published: 2022-06-15
English Composition Assignment: Victorian and Modernist Literature. Free Essay
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The short story, "Story of an Hour" is more of romanticism than Victorian. Victorian stories are characterized by very humble begins but eventually end up in a success. The humble beginnings may include aspects of poverty or other forms of misery. The story begins with a somber mood as Mrs. Mallard has to be informed of her husband's death. It is done carefully to avoid hurting her due to the heart complications she suffers. She is eventually filled with emotions which is the main feature of romanticism. At the start, the story fits to be a Victorian owing to the trouble (Ngo). However, the tragic death of Mallard's wife after seeing her husband ensure the sad mood dominates. The story is full of emotions. Several parties are seen to be very worried of what would happen to her, including the sister and a friend of the husband. All these attached feelings and emotional behavior of the characters completely disqualify the Victorian version. The story ends prematurely with the death of Mrs. Mallard meaning the emotions would have continued if the story progressed.

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In "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" the latter represents aspects of hope in the society. His description of times wins the day. He says that there is time for everything. There is time to make mistakes and there is time to correct. From that, readers can learn the point of perseverance no matter what life has to offer. It will never come a time when life gives the sweet thing alone. Life will offer lemon and strawberries at the same time. It is upon individuals to find a way of surviving all the circumstances brought forth by life. Alfred further explains that he is not a prince and neither is he willing to become one. That's a lesson by itself in that individuals should earn to embrace situations the way they are. One should and must accept themselves as the first step of redemption. He makes fun of how at times, the prince has to depend on the ordinary people for advice on what to do. Even the successful people in the society have challenges and hence it is upon every individual to embrace nature in its mysterious ways.

Ernest has all the traits of a modern writer. Modern writers are characterized by individualism alongside experimentation, formalism and symbolism. The story, "Hills like White Elephants" begins with symbolism from the title. The white elephant has been widely used to symbolize something of high value but hard to keep. In other words, it represents the unborn baby that was very precious but at the same time more than a burden to the American man and Jig. The creativity of the author qualifies him to be a modernist (Patrick). He has created a story from a small non-existing issue. He ignores the historical aspect which was embraced by other versions of literature. Apart from creativity, aspects of foreign languages such as the Spanish that was adopted by the modernist are put into the paper. Similarly, modernist works are characterized by massive experimentation in the sense that they were willing to try new things and check the outcome. The end result is a nice piece similar to what Ernest composed. The formality, individualism, the vast symbolism and the creativity, as well as experimentation, qualifies him to be classified among the modernists.

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