Paper Example on Prisoners Dilemma

Published: 2024-01-11
Paper Example on Prisoners Dilemma
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The puzzle of the prisoners' dilemma is the paradox of making decisions by two individuals who have self-interests. Finally, each one will be trying to come out and leave a problem to the counterpart (Chen et al., 2013). It is set up in such a way that among the two parties, each one needs to protect his/her welfare. Also, if the two parties thought of putting aside self-interests, they might end up in an optimal solution that can favor each of them. To relate this with our social and political problems, it is right for people to come and reason together in solving these problems. I totally agree that working as a team will benefit both sides who are in conflict.

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Impacts on Business Organization

To reason as a team has so many impacts on business organization. The battle in the marketplace may result from the rivalry between the firms that sell the same products but produced differently based on their production processes. Take, for example, the Pepsi company and Coca-Cola rivalry in selling the soft drinks in the world market. Numerous case studies have arisen due to high competition in the market. Each company is trying to occupy and hold a large market in the world. To compete favorably, the other counterpart needs to reduce price in order for it to have a large market in the world. Thus it is subjecting itself to make losses as they continue to operate while the other counterpart will not make the normal profits due to the small number of consumers they serve (Lin et al., 2019). They need to come together and agree on the standards of the price of their products in general. In doing so, the market is equally shared, and both parties will make reasonable prices without discriminating against each other. Hence, teamwork will assure continued mutual benefits.

The game of prisoners dilemma depicts the efforts of working as a team to bring individual ideas together. To succeed in a certain set of objectives, new ideas must be incorporated to build a new worthy fresh idea for the business to survive in the competitive world. Different perspectives should be brought together to enhance an overall way of thinking in solving the business problem. If the diversified teams of people with different thoughts are brought together, the business will be fully armed with high chances to thrive to the next level in their operations (Lin et al., 2019). A single-person business takes a long time to move to the next level because it is only one individual who is independent of his/her benefits. The decisions are made based on what is best for what is operating on without any contradiction from an outside source that could have made huge changes when the two come together.

Game Theory

The game theory offers the two prisoners an opportunity to work as a team to solve their problems. Brainstorming ideas by the parties involved can make them become more powerful in their operations. Creativity is enhanced, and other ways of doing things are simplified. The team will, therefore, find the best working solution in the long run. Therefore each has equal chances of benefiting as a result of bringing the ideas together.

Relating with the game theory, social welfare is supported, and hence there is a creation of high-quality work prevailing on different occasions. High quality work is achieved, and the deadlines are made. When there is a division of work to members of the teams, there is a simplification, and hence it is done faster. Therefore, the entire business operation becomes more efficient and satisfying. Thus, in the long, the impact of teamwork leads to more success for the business.

The context below brought about differing feedback and perspectives to solve the social problem when different people come and reason together. The anti-social behaviors such as prostitution, poverty, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, political corruption, and defilement case can be solved collectively. When individuals in the society come together with on purpose of eradicating this social problem, they can manage to handle the issues by coming up with the criteria to help to solve these issues (Chen et al., 2017). Collective ideas on how to tackle the issues are contributed by the persons in society. Later, each and every one plays his role in moderating these social problems and finally overcoming them. The differed opinions play a crucial role in making sure that the strengths and experiences should be accountable to make effective decisions of any social problem. The multiple sets of quick feedback can allow the increase of an output of the set objective. Society can sit down to design, plan, and finally implement their rules to change these social behaviors.

Work Synergy

There is work synergy when two self-interested parties are brought together. The goal shared by different individuals can bring encouragement and cooperation in operational duties. They will feel accomplishment's greater sense, and this can be a motivating factor for them to perform at higher levels (Chen et al., 2017). When the members of society are aware of their roles and responsibilities, including the importance of their output being relied upon, he/she will be driven to share the same values, visions, and goals. Therefore there is a high possibility for change in society. Thus it leads to respect, support, and trust for each and every society member.

In the current world, there is an existence of rivalry between the nations. When it is left unsolved, it may lead to huge destruction amongst the two countries. Relating to the world political crisis, if the nuclear bombs are release by Korea to the world, it may cause the end of the world or cause huge destruction that is irreversible (Lin et al., 2019). The puzzle of prisoner dilemma here applies in that each state should act in favor of other nations, and therefore the coexistence brings harmony across the world. Each side must show cooperation and avoid annihilating each other. Even though the crisis exists, there is continued build-up of these nuclear bombs. There is no reduction of each member state's fierceness in building nuclear weapons, and therefore the only way to solve any difference that arises is through the application of the game theory puzzle. It will guarantee both sides to stay calm and mutually agree for them to cease any difference between themselves.

Prisoners' Dilemma

The context of the prisoners' dilemma has led most governments' political leaders to change their difference and work together with the aim of benefiting the citizens. In most countries in the world, there have been political wars and human massacres due to citizens' indifference in terms of who will lead the country. Most of the reported cases, according to studies, are tribal, racism, and religious differences. To harmonize the mayhem that may have arisen as a result of political difference, respective political leaders who are concerned should come together, integrate and rationalize their differences for the benefit of the country to stay at peace.

Several issues are solved when there is a mutual understanding of the community. If the coexistence and togetherness in the community exist, there is a realization of personal good morals standards such that there are a disciple and well-organized community. The elders will take their responsibility to guide and drive the community (Schein et al., 2013). Respect for administrative leaders also will lead to good moral behaviors within the social environment. Parents' advice is taken by their sons and daughters, leading to the good well-being of each family in the community, unlike when there is a difference between administrative leaders and community or between parents and their children. The puzzle of prisoners' dilemma from its reflection shows that if there is a good correlation between the community's characters, the decisions made by each individual are for the community's social well being.


In a nutshell, we have to be vigilant to avoid the chaos that is brought about by our desires for self-care. It is the responsibility of either state, community, or individual to consider teamwork in operating daily activities. From the puzzle, the prisoners' dilemma with real life situations shows that we need to cooperate in our thoughts to bring out ideas that may lead us to optimal solutions. Reasoning as a team will lead to the promotion of synergy, the collaboration of ideas, solving social and political problems, and creating a supportive environment towards achieving a set object


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