California Electorate Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-06
California Electorate Essay Sample
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California is a large western state that stretches from the Mexican border along the Pacific. Over the years, the population of California has been on the increase majorly due to the net immigration of people. Furthermore, the current population of California is approximately 39billion. The Ethnic make-up of California majorly the Hispanic- Latino and Non- Hispanic. The Hispanic- Latino is made up of the Spanish speaking residents while the non- Hispanic is made up of individuals of any race who include: The European American, Asian American, and the African American (Isurin, Furman & White, 38, 51). However, a majority of the residents in California are non- Hispanic by almost 65% while that of the Hispanic at 35%. According to statistics, the female population is higher than that of males. However, the margin between the male and female population of residents is slightly small by 5%. The age demographic for California residents differs depending on the age between different age levels. That is, the population of residents between 25-29 years is approximately 1.3 million while that of residents between 40- 44 years is around 1.2 million.

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In California, seven in ten are registered, voters. According to statistics, 17.9 million registered as voters though the number of registered voters tend to be on the increase as indicated in the previous years. The ethnic makeup of registered voters in California is majorly the non- Hispanic who are made up of the whites, Indians, Asians and the black American as it compares to the Hispanic who are made up of the Spanish speaking population. Furthermore, the African American, Asian American, and the Latinos register as Democrats while 15% of Asian Americans register as Republicans. During registration of voters, both male and female turn out for the exercise. However, the majority gender makeup of registered voters are the females compared to that of the men. For the age demographic of California's registered voters, older individuals tend to participate in the registration. These include the residents of between 18 - 80 years and over. According to political party affiliation, the California voters can register as either a democrat or republican. However, 45% register as Democratic especially the African American, some Asian American and Latinos. For the Republican Party, statistics indicate that 31% register as Republicans, 20% as independent party and approximately 4% register to other parties.

According to statistics, not all California residents register as voters for an election. However, the white American makeup 43% of the adult population but only 38% register and having 60% of the state are likely to vote. For the Latinos, 34% of the people make up the adult population. However, 15% turn out to register having 18% to participate in the elections likely. The Asian Americans constitute 15% of the adult population where likely 10% of the population is expected to undergo registration and 12% likely to vote during elections. In addition to that, the multiracial adults who make up the least population in California estimates to 3% where nearly 2% are likely to register and 4% participating in the election. For the November 2016 election, research estimates that the number of voters was less than the number of registered voters (Isurin et al., 40). Almost 75% of California residents turned out to vote out of those who registered. However, 25% declined to vote which approximate to seven million residents. In California majority of the voters are more educated adults that reside and were born in California though, all residents whether educated or non-educated has a right to vote. Moreover, anyone from any ethnic origin whether Hispanic or non-Hispanic, male or female and of any age from eighteen years and above has a right to participate in the electoral process. Taking part in the voting process is very important, and as a right of a citizen, an individual is encouraged to participate for various reasons such as the voting privilege enables an individual's voice to be heard, enables the selection of a great leader to govern the state. Those who vote also benefit from being associated with a host of positive social factors and health and also gives a sense of belonging to those participating in the election process since one can exercise their rights.

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