Essay Sample on Frameworks and Models for School Nursing Practice

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Sample on Frameworks and Models for School Nursing Practice
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Healthy People refer to science-based, ten-year national objectives, which are aimed at improving the health of all Americans (Koh, Blakey & Roper, 2014). Healthy People establish a benchmark as well as monitor the progress of the health of the American population. This is aimed at empowering individuals towards making informed health decision, measure the impact of prevention activities as well as encourage collaborations across communities and sectors. Health People 2020 was launched on December 2, 2010, and sets overarching goals on a ten-year agenda meant at improving the health of the nation (Koh, Blakey & Roper, 2014). This essay seeks to discuss Healthy People 2020, how it relates to school health and finally identify initiatives which could be implemented in a school health program to achieve the Healthy People 2020 aims.

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Objectives of Healthy People 2020 include: promote quality of life, health improvement and healthy behaviors across all life stages, achieve equity and promote the health of all groups, attain high-quality, healthy living and create a social and physical environment that promotes good health for the entire American population (Koh, Blakey & Roper, 2014). Healthy People 2020 include educational and community-based programs which are aimed at increasing the quality, availability as well as the effectiveness of these programs designed to prevent disease and injury, improve the quality of life as well as improve the health of students across all levels of education (Koh, Blakey & Roper, 2014).

Various initiatives can be implemented in school health programs to achieve healthy people 2020 objectives. The first initiative that can be adopted is the school-based interventions and behavioral outcomes for substance use, such as face-to-face intervention. This kind of intervention helps students reduce drug and substance use (Selekman, 2013). Secondly, school health programs should implement school-based interventions for improving contraceptive use among adolescents. Contraceptive education will help reduce the number of school dropouts while at the same time, improve the health of children and adolescents. Lastly, school health programs can implement enhanced school-based physical education initiative, which will improve physical activity among students. Children and young adults at a high risk of physical activity based on health conditions such as type 2 diabetes (Koh, Blakey & Roper, 2014). Implementation of school-based physical education will help improve the physical activities of these groups, which in turn will improve their health.


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