Free Essay Comprising Business Law Discussion on Licensing

Published: 2022-02-23
Free Essay Comprising Business Law Discussion on Licensing
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A new law was introduced by the government to ensure they oversee all contracts for the improvement, sale, licensing and necessary "support" of the computer software. This law will be an adjustment of the "Uniform Commercial Code". The change is known as "law of licensing" (Article 2B) and also controls the law of sales in all the fifty states. The purpose of UCC is to administrate the sale of goods, leasing procedure, transfer of funds, "negotiable instruments", "bill of lading" among others in the country.

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Organisations use "standard-form" agreements as an alternative to negotiating an agreement separately. Licensing includes precincts on the use of "intellectual property". They normally have requirements and precincts on how the product is used and who can use it and also the allocation of the licensed product. This is a case of in software companies (Williston, 2010). The main point is that UCC can help software companies to elude consumer flaw and discretion protections laws which will be applied when the company will be selling the goods. This will also help the company have strong rules and regulation of installing the "software's".

It states that the product should never be leased or "rented".

The clients should never reveal the outcome of any deliberations to any third party.

The clients should not circulate the "reviews" of the products without getting consent from the software company

UCC has helped the software company come up with rules and regulations that will help in safeguarding the intellectual property and the rights of them to be the accredited software company distributors. However, there is an argument that UCC codes will not help protect the security of the original production of the company.

The UCC act covers all the transactions regarding the sale of goods and transactions of funds. The bill also helps to regulate all the business transactions and ensure they are uniform and the individuals who are involved with the business transaction became protected (Summers, 2011). They will also provide the rights of the buyer, and the seller is maintained and highlight the plights of those that may be violated. They will ensure the freedom and standard goods are availed to the customer on time as per the agreement, and the products should be in the right condition and for perishable goods they should not expire. The buyer should ensure they make the necessary payments as per he agreed on terms and conditions set before the beginning of the transaction. UCC also provides security protection, more friendly working policy and help to bring costs of goods into uniformity. Another advantage of UCC is that it helps in curbing any unscrupulous and fraudulent activities (Williston, 2010). It also ensures that the payment process is not violated and no party can take an advantage over the other since the penalties for defaulting the agreement must be applied so that we ensure that we enforce the importance of upholding integrity when carrying out commercial transactions between the buyer and the seller. Without UCC negative dealings in commercial activities will be encouraged.

One of the demerits of UCC act is the lengthy process it takes during the amendments of its section to enhance its effectiveness. The cost of funding this act is high, and the federal government will channel a lot of resources to ensure the success of the law.


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