Literary Essay Sample: The Sneetches and A Gardener's Tale

Published: 2022-03-01
Literary Essay Sample: The Sneetches and A Gardener's Tale
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The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss

The Sneetches written by Dr. Seuss is a story about two types of creatures which are distinct in that, one group of Sneetches are having stars on their bellies while others do not have. Moreover, some Sneetches have got flat bellies while other have got protrude bellies. The star belly Sneetches believe they are the best hence making them look down upon Sneetches without stars. Social determinants of health are conditions that exist in the environment in which creatures are born, live, work play and even learn. They include economic stability, education, social and community context, health and health care and neighborhood and built environment.

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These five Social determinants of health have played an integral part in this story. They have shown the act of discrimination especially in social and community context which made the plain belly Sneetches depressed since other snatches discriminated them with star bellies hindering them from freedom of association. Moreover, they could not participate in activities such as singing with other Sneetches. Besides, education also played a critical part in the story when Sylvester McMonkey McBean came with a star on and started off the machine.

He began to give stars to plain belly Sneetches making them delighted because they eventually looked like their counterparts. The original star belly Sneetches get angry with this action, and they went to Sylvester to remove the stars from their bellies. This operation continues back and forth until no one could remember which Sneetches had original bellies. It eventually creates neighborhoods and a right built environment.

A Gardener's Tale Dr. Camara Jones

A tale was written by Dr. Camara Jones which is centered on understanding three levels of racism that is internalized, institutionalized and personally mediated. Social determinant played an integral part in this tale. The first factor is economic stability which entails employment and housing concerns. It is seen in the story when the writer and his wife buy a house in Baltimore. This act shows how stable the couples are and they could live in a well build house which showed a sign of having good social health.

Secondly, social and community context also played a part in the story since it involved discrimination. It happens when the writer and his wife find two boxes in their new house and when spring approached; they decided to grow flowers on the two boxes. One of the boxes was empty hence created a necessity of filling it with soil, while the other box had soil thus nothing much was done to it. Seeds were planted in each box, but the results were not the same; one box had flourishing flowers and grew faster while the seeds in the other box were slow growing.

This made the box with slow-growing flowers to be ignored and discriminated against the other box. Like most gardeners will choose only flowers that are fast growing. This incidence illustrates the importance of environment in real life situation. A good environment is right since it helps prevent premature illness but instead prolong an individual's life. Finally, the act of selected the excellent box shows how early childhood education is vital in this tale as the couples separated the good box and the bad box which made them cherish the good box and shun away the bad one.

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