Bullying: Cause and Effect Essay Example

Published: 2019-10-16
Bullying: Cause and Effect Essay Example
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Nothing good can come out of bullying. Name-calling and hurling derogatory statements at some other person brings no benefit, neither to the bully nor the bullied. The bully might feel that they are powerful, but it is just a spur-of-the-moment, fleeting kind of power. They are however never aware of the havoc they wreck on the bully, some effects haunting them throughout their lifespan. A new phenomenon of bullying has emerged with the advent of technology: cyber bullying. This new form of bullying takes the form of posting ones private and confidential pictures or videos online or hacking into their social media pages and posting defamatory content, all with the aim of damaging their reputation.

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The effects of bullying are far-reaching, damaging both the bully and the bullied in the process. The bullied might end up losing their self-esteem, leading to shyness and withdrawal tendencies. They might end up losing faith and confidence in themselves as they feel they have been stripped of their dignity. They may sustain serious physical injuries where the bullying takes the form of beating. The bullies, on the other hand, risk the dangers of retaliation where the victim will feel fed up with being trampled upon and throw a few punches back. Bullies might carry on with these destructive tendencies even to relationships and marriages, being domineering and bossy over their partners. In worse case scenarios, they might even beat up their partners.

The author of the article brings out the evils bullying carries and the need for immediate action to be taken to stop the vice. Effects of bullying might not at times be physically evident, such as bruises on the body. However, with time they will begin to emerge in the form of withdrawal, shyness, and aggressiveness. By all means, this problem ought to be addressed as it wrecks havoc on the victims and perpetrators alike ("Cause & Effect Essay: Bullying", 2012).

Hitting Home: the hard truth about Australias domestic violence crime wave

Domestic violence places women and children in precarious situations, endangering the family foundations and stability. The author presents a picture where women and children are forced to lock themselves up in refuges so that their abusive partners will not find them. It is, however, more perplexing that one would endure unending abuse in intimate relationships without opting to jump ship. According to the author, most of the victims of domestic violence are women and children, though there are marginal cases where the men are also subjected to this menace.

People opt to stay or are rather forced to stay in abusive relationships for several reasons. But some, however, cannot tolerate the torture and the pain, resorting instead to live at a refuge with their children. For those that opt to break out of the abusive set up, it takes a considerable amount of courage considering the great risk they expose themselves to. Most of the women died at the hands of their ex-husbands, or they received numerous threats or were being tracked. Opting to break out was therefore demanded a strong sense of courage and bravery on their part. Women who escape from domestic violence run to refuge camps where they are assured of some sense of safety at least for a while. Some of these women cannot escape from this grip because they are under the firm control of their husbands. They manipulate them such that they are in charge of all the finances, so the woman cannot run away for fear of poverty. Some stay in these relationships for the sake of their children as they are scared of the repercussions divorce might have on their children.

The society needs to wake up from its cocoon and realize the dangers posed by domestic violence. It is a great hazard to the stability of homes as well as the welfare of children and the safety of their mothers. The article presents the plight of victims of domestic violence, mostly women, and children, in a manner that calls for immediate attention to be taken to deal with it ("Hitting Home: The hard truth about Australia's domestic violence crime wave", 2015).

Environmental degradation

This is the deterioration or destruction of the environment through the inappropriate use of natural resources and the eradication of wildlife. The increasing world population implies that new space needs to be created to accommodate the extra population, which results in environmental degradation. Environmental degradation implies new undesirable changes in the natural ecosystem which are undesirable. As a result, different species become extinct, rampant air, water, and soil pollution are witnessed, and there is rapid population growth.

The challenge of environmental degradation poses a great threat to global good-being. With environmental degradations, ecosystems are destroyed, endangering the lives of plants and organisms. With infrastructural developments such as roads and skyscrapers being set up, these ecosystems are continually being depleted. Roads that cut through woods may seem to have a negligent impact on the lives of the organism in that ecosystem. The truth, however, is that it creates different spheres of ecosystems especially for microorganisms where the road creates a new and different divide of ecosystems.

Environmental degradation can be as a result of rapid population growth meaning that new space should be created to cater for the new demand, deforestation where trees are fell to create room for farming activities, natural causes such as earthquakes, avalanches, and wildfires. This degradation leads to serious effects both to human beings and plant and animal life. The loss of biodiversity, the negative impact on the tourism sector, human health hazards as a result of exposure to various pollutants and ozone layer depletion are some of the negative effects associated with environmental degradation.

This article, however, draws our attention to the risk human activities on the environment pose both to animal and plant life as well as human life. With the ever-increasing world population and the need for economic development, humans have been forced to resort to the harmful use of the environment to meet their economic needs. A time will come, however when the consequences of haphazard environmental will be severely felt ("Causes and Effects of Environmental Degradation - Conserve Energy Future", 2014).

Another reason why segregated education is bad for young students

If you think that taking your baby to a segregated school will be of benefit to him, think again. Many parents think that it is a good idea to take their children to schools that are either dominantly white or black, but new research shows otherwise. Studies conducted on first-grade students reading abilities show that black students in segregated schools made dismal gains as compared to their counterparts in more segregated schools. The study defines a segregated school as one whose minority population adds up to 75 percent.

Even after taking into consideration the students background and the experience of the teacher, black students in segregated schools still posted poor results. When first graders from similar backgrounds perform differently in different types of schools, then there is a high likelihood that the discrepancy lies with the schools and not with the children. This variation, the study found, did not hold true for Hispanic, Latino or white children and the researchers could not pinpoint the reason for this. Parents should, therefore, note that the context within which their children learn really matters and that policy aimed at improving the education standards in schools ought to take into consideration such contexts. Earlier studies indicated that poverty in schools has a high impact on the educational level of Latino children than racial composition.

Racial segregation used to be a rampant practice which the civil rights movement sought to squash. Educational authorities ought to look into the matter of segregation in schools so as to come up with policies aimed at improving educational standards throughout the nation ("Another Reason Why Segregated Education Is Bad For Young Students", 2014).

Interracial marriage, acceptance growing

Gone were the days when couples from different racial backgrounds would be shunned by the community. These are the days where couples from different races can tie the knot without having to look over their backs to see whether the authorities are after them, ready to throw them into the confines of correctional facilities. This is after the US Supreme Court lifted the ban that prohibited interracial marriages.

The society is becoming increasingly open and accommodative of such marriages. This can be attributed in some part to the changing dating scene where technology has revolutionized what used to be the norms in dating. Virtual dating sites have been created where people from different racial lines interact and relationships bloom. The advent of globalization also plays a huge role in the spread of interracial marriages. With globalization, people freely interact with others from different racial backgrounds, implying that chances of a romantic bond emerging are high.

It is a good thing that the society is now accepting interracial marriages as it gives the couples involved a sense of peace that their union will not be threatened by societal norms. The advent of technology coupled with rampant globalization has made interracial marriages a norm rather than the exception (Ashley Hayes, 2016).

College professor fired after claiming that Muslims and Christians worship the same God

Apparently, a political science professor donning a hijab while lecturing in a Christian institution was enough to send her packing. This is the level of religious intolerance in the country, especially with the wave of Islamophobia. The professor posted on her Facebook account that she was donning the clothing as a sign of solidarity with the Muslims, as she felt both Christianity and Islam worshiped the same God.

With the increasing incidences of terrorist attacks, many people have come to shun Islam and anyone who associates with the religion, creating a generalization that the Muslims are responsible for the terror incidences. A tiny criminal cell who profess the religion should however not be used to condemn all who profess the religion. The college put her on leave, giving the excuse that the professors act was in conflict with the doctrine of the school.

Religious tolerance ought to be upheld especially in a nation with diverse religious groups and people from diverse racial backgrounds. Different religions ought to appreciate their diversity and respect their differences, and this should not be used as platforms to create divisions among the people ("College Moves To Fire Professor Who Said Muslims And Christians Worship Same God", 2016).


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