Essay Sample: Brief Explanation of the Chosen Party and Candidature

Published: 2019-10-04
Essay Sample: Brief Explanation of the Chosen Party and Candidature
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The American Freedom party has chosen and endorsed Bob Whitaker from South Carolina as the candidate to run for the 2016s presidential, deputised by Tom Bowie from Maryland. The American Freedom party has always been a third position American political party whose major foundation rests on promotion of white nationalism. After analysing the population likely to vote in the general elections, Bob Whitaker determines where the greatest concentration of American problems lie together with his American Freedom Party officials, he determines-whether through a poll or holding conversations with local civic leaders-that the most significant issues in America are healthcare, rising property taxes, overcrowded schools and institutions, and infrastructure. Already, Bob Whitaker knows that his two primary opponents, Hillary Clinton and Tonald J. Trump are taken with a lot of seriousness and are better known than he is. The only possible weakness with this candidature is that he is known in record as a pro-choice in the abortion debate.

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Bob Whitaker Campaign Speech

I salute you good citizens of America. Our great nation of America has reached a crossroad, and the supremacy has vested in your hands as voters to change the American landscape. I have said times without number that, if you elect me to hold the docket of President on the American Freedom Party, there are certain elements I hold dear to my heart; the contents of which have compelled me to seek for this position. First, I guarantee that all your needs- social, economic, healthcare-are met across all states in this land.

I plan to strongly oppose the new legislature that seeks to capitalise supplementary tax dollars in all American public institutions and schools, as a means of not just meeting the presents needs but to also embolden development of American minds for the forthcoming years. Such profound new mode of subsidy would be integrated in hiring and retaining teachers, building and renovating first-hand schools, and giving tax reductions to schoolroom teachers. To realise this motive, am proposing that there should be no new tax increases but instead, rechannelling our standing tax revenue to meet these demands.

Economic development is all over written all over the lips of most of you, especially with regard to most American downturn areas. For decades, previous government leaders have neglected economic prosperity, and I plan to completely transform this. I thus propose a new centre revitalisation project designed to encourage setting up of new businesses, open new green areas, and new residential areas to consolidate these cities. It is sad to note that the previous and current leaders have allowed major cities to die, oftentimes preferring to invest in outlying areas.

My other element is that am propositioning the building of a light rail train system that should be constructed in the next five years. This is bound to meet the increasing demands of improved and well-organized transportation in the next coming years. I must admit that my political challenger and his current administration have all along lacked the right vision of having lasting solutions. Such a short-term bearing will automatically fail to reflect the pressing needs of upcoming generations.

Finally, my challenger has mentioned my immaturity and incapability as a major motivation why you should not vote for my candidature. Yes, I know I own to fact that am not a career statesman who seems to have lost trace with daily concerns and needs of people. However, my work as an educationalist and businessperson has endowed me with a unique outlook regarding the challenges and pains voters face. If you elect me, I promise to do my best and ensure that your concerns and issues are fully addressed at both national and local level. Thank you.

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