Paper Example: Wanda's Supervisory Problem With Beverly

Published: 2023-02-16
Paper Example: Wanda's Supervisory Problem With Beverly
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Wanda Vaughn prefers a democratic style of leadership to govern the Winston County Savings Bank. Democratic leadership, which is also referred to as participative leadership, accommodates the views of all members of an organization for the smooth running of such institutions. Various leadership styles suit various environment depending on the kind of organizational objectives of a given institution. Wanda Vaughn puts herself into amiss by adopting and sticking firmly to the democratic style of leadership. That is the core root of her differences with her junior employee, Beverly Beutell. In the Winston County Savings Bank, Beverly has been portrayed as a character that puts off other workers of the company because of her loose tongue.

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Beverly extends this demeanor even to Wanda who is her boss. She intends to prove Vaughn wrong in almost all the decision she tries to make for the benefits of the Savings Bank. The enmity compounds when Wanda chooses a different member of the Savings Bank to be her assistant and does away with Beverly who considers herself more qualified for the position because of her seniority. However, Wanda opts for the junior employee because she is outgoing and easy to deal with as compared to the latter employee. According to Pares, Ospina & Subirats (2017), democratic leadership makes all the members of an organization feel part and parcel of the organization through being involved in the important decision-making process. However, it causes great havoc for Wanda, who despite working herself to the bone, faces difficulties in the supervision of the Winston County Savings Bank. In most cases, Wanda is normally challenged by her junior, Beutell Beverly who is determined to outshine her.

The Problem in Witson County Savings Bank

The great problem in the Winston County Savings Bank is an internal one which is majorly experienced only by the members of the company. Wanda Vaughn, who is the head supervisor in charge of the consumer credit services department, is rendered powerless by Beverlly who should be her subordinate. For every decision that Wanda tries to adopt and implement in the Savings Bank, Beverlly always has a contradicting opinion to challenge Wanda. The problem is that in almost all these happenings, Beverlly points of arguments are always right and most members of the Savings Bank Company agree with her. That has slowed down the speed at which Wanda should have implemented the effective decisions that she considered crucial for the company. Apparently, the other employees who work under Wanda perhaps may start losing confidence in her leadership potentialities. That is so because most of her decisions do not sail through to the implementation process as Beverlly normally contradicts them.

How Wanda Could have Dealt With the Surpervisory Problem in the County Savings Bank

To have a clean hand from this devastating situation, Wanda should work in close relation with Beverly. Both are veterans in the Witson County Savings Bank, and so they both have accumulated some relevant information concerning the running of the company. Wanda should ease her supervision role by having a prior discussion with Beverlly to avoid the public opposition that she undergoes. If this step does not prove to be effective, Wanda can as well adopt a different kind of leadership from the democratic leadership style which provides freedom for each member of an organization to participate freely in the decision making the process. The most preferred leadership style, in this case, can be the dictatorship style. Finchelstein (2016) assert that dictatorship style of leadership does not render the view of the subordinate as being important in the decision-making process.Summarily, the dictatorial kind of leadership would be the most appropriate because it involves implementing decisions more easily as the boss has the final say over every member of the organization.


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