Black Latino Study: Kolanuts Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-17
Black Latino Study: Kolanuts Essay Sample
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Kolanuts is a food crop that is mostly associated with West African communities. It is a food crop that takes us back to the slavery period since most of this food got its way to Latino America during the Trans-Atlantic trade that took place in the 18th and 19th century. It is believed to have got its way during the deportation of African slaves to America. It is important to state that kolanuts does well in the tropical rainforest region due to the regions favourable climate such as high humidity and temperature that ranges at around 27oc. The crop is used to as both medicine and food since it has some form of medicinal value.

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Chronology of kolanut associated Black Latino

As earlier mentioned, this food was connected to slavery. It is in this view that most of the colonial master gave it to its slaves as the main food to sustain them when working for them in their firm and even farm. This is the dominant reason that made the food to become common amongst the Black Latino. When one talks about slavery, the Black Latinos were not an exception for this case. Therefore, this implies that it came later to be appreciated and taken as the staple food amongst the said group. Moreover during slave trade, kola nuts were granted to the crew in the view of quashing hunger and thirst. As such it was most preferred during the day when the work was hard for the salves so as to make them able to continue performing their activities without getting fatigue. During the long treks or what might also be considered as migration, it was also used by all the members to relieve hunger.

Notably, kola nuts contains caffeine. This means that when taken early, it makes one to feel active and fresh as it stimulates ones body. For those slaves who got used to it, whenever they failed to take it, they could feel tired and low in performing their duty. This is attributed to the stimulant effect that it contains. Another important feature of the said food to the specified group is that it was used for religious matters. In most parts of West Africa, it was used for certain divination duped Obi divination. This was majorly performed to give thanks to gods who had provided for its people the precious gifts of food to suppress hunger in their territorial area. This practice has seen its way to America and is currently practiced by Black Latinos. Primarily, the factor that made the crop to get dominance is due to its easy way of harvesting and multiple benefits associated with it. The crop is hand-picked from the kola tree and taken raw as it is, thereby there is no complication associated to its preparation. It was the most favored crop amongst the said group since it increases ones vitality. Conclusively, the position of kola nuts in slave trade cannot be understated due to its significance role it played as the main food when they were subjected to savagery activities. To most of the black Latinos, they like the crop because it reminds them of their past history. In nutshell, it takes them to different phases of history and they get to know the reason behind its appreciation by their ancestors during those incarnations. Lastly, kolanuts can stay for long without getting stale making it to be the desirable crop.

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