Essay Example on Application of Statistics in Health Care

Published: 2023-01-28
Essay Example on Application of Statistics in Health Care
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In health care, statistic information is an essential technique that is used to improve the quality of services delivered. The essay reviews how statistical information helps to promote activities such as quality services, safety, promotion, and leadership, and how an organization utilizes statistical knowledge.

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Nurses deploy statistical information when making decisions regarding health care services. Quality health services rely on the kind of decision nurses make toward various problems encountered. Through various research, researchers develop various approaches to how nurses can overcome challenges. Leaders use data to ensure they allocate resources to various departments based on their demand. This is an essential approach that improves quality since nurses have enough materials which they are required when dealing with patients (Fortune, Hardiker, & Strudwick, 2017). Some diseases are very risk when handling, therefore, nurses are required to have protection materials to ensure they do not endanger themselves. Additionally, through resource distribution, health care providers provide patients with required medicines.

Leaders use this statistical information, especially from the previous budget to develop a more detailed budget (Mykkanen, Miettinen, & Saranto, 2016). This detailed budget offers a system that ensures all materials that are required are bought so as to promote quality health care services. Additionally, the approach offers leaders ways to understand how to acquire and get all resources that are required in a certain period. For instance, leaders may decide to engage donors to supply with cash and other resources in order to ensure the required amount of capital is attained. It is the responsibility of leaders to ensure the detailed budget matches organization objectives. As such, health care providers create an approach that focuses on patient care which is a key aspect of quality services.

Data on disease prevalence is used to make policies that focus on ensuring that the population lives health. Health policies are essential aspects that help to develop ways to attain quality health. When a community lives healthy, there is a high tendency that the rate of disease spend will be down (Mykkanen, Miettinen, & Saranto, 2016). For instance, health ministry may develop policies that insist on the population to focus on healthy eating to overcome some challenges which are associated with the kind of food people eat. The development of fast food has stimulated an increase in cancer. Therefore, if people can focus on health materials, they will reduce the chance of contracting the disease. These initiatives will focus on improving the wellness of the population (Gruneir et al., 2018). Nations create policies that aim at improving the kind of services delivered in the hospital at a low price. As such, all people can attend and acquire good health services regardless of their background status.

When offering medical services, there is a chance that nurses may encounter some errors. Data on medical errors that were previously performed by nurses can be used to train other practitioners on how to avoid it. In this case, they may use the information to familiarize themselves with various approaches such as medicine application to promote the safety of health care services (Fortune, Hardiker, & Strudwick, 2017). Safety is an essential technique that promotes how patients and nurses participate in service provision. When parties understand that their safety is effectively managed, there will be a high tendency of participation.

Health promotion is a technique that is used to create awareness among the population. The health department employs promotion to teach people on various health care services provided in hospitals (Fortune, Hardiker, & Strudwick, 2017). Additionally, they are taught how to improve their living by engaging in healthy activities. Therefore, health practitioners deploy statistical information to develop health promotion based on people's demand.

Leadership is an essential activities health department focus to improve health care services. Through statistical information, it is possible for health care providers to understand those nurses who can take over the leadership role. This technique helps to appoint and promote those individuals who are so focused on ensuring health care is highly improved (Cowles, 2014). Additionally, leaders should have the ability to refer to previous data before making a decision to avoid repeating a mistake.

In public health, we collect information by conducting regular surveys and interviews. When collecting the data, we engage nurses, management, patients, and other individuals within the organization environment. All data collected is recorded effectively based on the demand of the project. We analyze the data and develop a conclusion using various statistical materials and knowledge. In most cases, this information is analyzed in graph or table form to ensure that all people can read to minimize the error rate. The information obtained is later used to develop projects that aim at improving public health. These projects have health our organization to tackle various health issues that are more complicated and risk when dealing with. Additionally, through the information, the organization develops policies and decision which focus on improving the overall services. As such, patients have developed trust in our practitioners since they are so much concern about their health.


In conclusion, statistical information is an essential factor that health providers use to improve quality services. It helps to create a condition that focuses on promoting a safe condition for both patients and practitioners. Additionally, data is used to promote health awareness and deploy effective leadership in an organization.


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