Essay Sample to Check: Current Environmental Issues and Possible Solutions

Published: 2020-06-18
Essay Sample to Check: Current Environmental Issues and Possible Solutions
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There are many environmental problems in the contemporary world that jeopardize the normal health of both animals and human beings. Some of these issues are air pollution, global warming, hazardous waste, ozone depletion, smog, and water pollution that are not only local problems but also international issues. Notably, water pollution is one of the world's biggest problems on earth since it directly and severely affects the health of humans and animals. Particularly, there are many causes of water pollution that range from households wastes treatment tanks to the toxic chemical from factories. Other contaminant sources include agricultural practices with fertilizers, pesticides and disposal of industrial waste and deforestation. This paper seeks to examine the negative impacts of waste disposal and deforestation on water pollution and how these effects can be mitigated.

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According to Gerdes, all contaminants are as a result of human's activities (71). The effects of water pollution are contaminating drinking water in which there are bacteria, viruses, and parasitic worms entering sewage system and untreated waste. These can cause diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, trachoma, hookworm infection, and diarrhea typhoid that have not only serious effect on the health of humans but also cost much money. Notably, in the event of decomposing waste bacteria use a lot of oxygen; therefore, oxygen levels in water can reduce that jeopardizes life in water. According to the mentioned reports about the toxic chemical pollutants in Mississippi and Ohio River, there is too much water pollution in the area. Remarkably, the industrial countries will face more water pollution problems than the non-developing countries that have few industries and less toxic chemical pollutants on water bodies as well. This kind of pollution problems has to be solved proximately to ensure a healthy life for both animals and humans.

Secondly, deforestation may lead to serious environmental problems since it leaves the land bare and prone to water runoff. Research has established that there are many causes of water pollution other than water runoffs (Magram 65) Individuals practice deforestation for various reasons such as to settle on that piece of land, to farm or to sell timber. No matter the reason, deforestation, especially along water bodies must be discouraged.

Waste disposal is another environmental challenge that affects people. When individuals dispose of waste in areas that are close to water bodies, chances are very high that the wastes may be transported as runoffs to the rivers that eventually lead to water contamination. Notably, waste disposal can be in various forms such as garbage or human and animal wastes. These contaminants in water supplies come human's activities either directly or indirectly. Therefore, there is a need to focus on this environment problems and help to solve them systematically.

Solutions to the environmental issues

To understand causes and effects of environmental degradation, there is need to educate people. Rules and regulations for the industries are to control and strictly enforce them to reduce and minimize all pollutants in waterways. For the household activities, the sewage overflows have to be treated thoroughly before they enter into waterways, use nontoxic products, and avoid hazardous household chemicals out of drains. These can help reduce water pollution problems as a whole. Moreover, in many developing countries, governments must enforce very strict laws that will help to reduce water pollutions. These laws are usually directed to industries on how to dispose of, treat and manage sewage, toxic chemical waste, and heavy metals like mercury. The treatment plants of waste and sewage must be efficient and designed to minimize pollution of water bodies (Wang 34).

Besides, the problem resulting from deforestation can be solved through forestation and re-afforestation programs. Planting of trees along river banks is a sure way of ensuring that the water banks are protected. In addition, through the enactment of regulations and laws that safeguard the cutting down of trees, it is possible to have water bodies protected from problems associated with deforestation. Tigner explains that humans and all animals on earth rely on clean water to survive (26). If the water supplies are polluted with toxic chemical substances, which are the outcomes directly or indirectly from human's activities, humans health will be severely affected negatively. Moreover, people should be educated and stimulated to realize the importance of water pollution protection sustainability and take action effectively (35)

In conclusion, the impacts of carelessly disposed wastes, deforestation and water pollution can be so devastating. Research has established that contaminated water is a health hazard to humans. As a result, constructive efforts must be taken towards environmental conservation. A healthy environment translates to a healthy life. Besides, this paper has looked at deforestation leads to environmental degradation and the possible ways of mitigating the problems.

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